Uber: Cost Calculation To Create A Taxi App

Uber has provided a revolution in transport services such as taxi or vehicle hire. Uber totally changed the meaning of taxi services. They do not only provide a vehicle for traveling which looks like a taxi. Rather they provide a brand car in place of the taxi in approx the same price.

They attract many national and international traveler because of its easy process, price, and vehicle. Now Uber is available in over 60 countries and over 400 cities worldwide.

Do you want to create a taxi app like Uber and wants to know the cost to create it then here we provide all the information regarding it.

Uber: About info

Uber is a location-based app that used to hiring an on-demand-private driver. Passenger represents Uber as a taxi, driver as a referral service and entrepreneurs as the business role model.

uber iconUber service provides a connection between riders and drivers through Android, ios, and windows phone apps. Uber using the advances of phone’s GPS capabilities and completely cashless approach. Both parties (Passenger and Driver) are aware of each other’s location and the concerns over the car arrival time.


Founded: March 2009

Founders: Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Area served: Worldwide, 785 metropolitan areas

Website: www.uber.com

Uber: How does work?

Uber app general performance can be shown by simple steps.

  • Request: The customer requests a car on scheduled or instantly via the Uber app. Your details are sent to the nearest driver.
  • Matching: The request of the ride may either accept or reject by the driver. If the first driver rejects, the request is sent to another driver.
  • Ride: The customer tracks the taxi approach via smartphone with the help of location and knows the estimated time of arrival.
  • Payment: Customer can pay the payment by cash or cashless, whichever is comfortable for the customer.
  • Rating: Customer can rating the trip. That is an important component of Uber’s business logic which enhances service reliability.

Uber: Passenger App allows

Register:  User can directly register in the app using their mobile number and existing social media or create a new one.

uber registrationTaxi booking: User can be booked a car on schedule or instantly. Your taxi booking app can maintain both options but can have only one of them.

uber booking

Payment: This feature enables to register passenger’s app and provide auto payment right from the app.

uber paymentPush notifications: App shows all the information about the trip when the driver accepts the request. The user can also check the vehicle information such as model, passenger count, color and number of the car and average time of arrival (ETA).

uber push notification

uber driver information













Ride History: It shows a complete transcription of previous trips.

uber trip history

Fare Calculator: It helps to calculate the cost of the voyage.

uber fare

Driver’s review and rating: It shows customers’ comments about the driver, his car, his behavior and the travel safety of other passengers.

uber rating
Uber: Advanced features

Pickup Location: By using the inbuilt GPS module, a passenger can point his exact location without typing an address.

Split Payments: it also provides an option of separate payments between few passengers.

Vehicle Selection: It gives an opportunity to pick up another driver for the trip.

Interactive Map and Taxi Tracking: It shows all the cabs nearby and tracks the driver during the journey in real time.

Inbuilt Messenger: It ensures communication between passenger and driver right in the app.

Gamification: It allows boosting the customer acquisition and retention with badges, special offers, leadership boards, etc.

Discount: It gives a discount on trips by adding a code or digital coupon.

Voice Recognition: It enables the use of voice commands for taxi hailing.

Uber: Driver app

Some features may overlay with passenger’s taxi booking app. For instance, registration and personal profile, push notification and messenger, etc. There are also some unique elements:

Status: It makes a driver visible in an app and on the map if he is ready to pick up a passenger.
Order Alert: Informs about a new trip and shows payment and road details. Also, allows getting or canceling orders.
Navigation: It shows the path to the passenger and the best route for the trip.
Estimation: It ensures the count of trip costs and discounts.
Reports: Show the statistic about trips and earnings.

An approximate estimation of time needed to develop the application.

A Driver App:

Feature IOS Android Backend
Registration 40-80 hours 40 hours 40 hours
Booking 40-80 hours 80 hours 40-80 hours
Status 40 hours 40 hours 40 hours
Booking history 16-32 hours 40 hours 40 hours
Total 136-232 hours 200 hours 160-200 hours
  • Efforts in hours: iOS 136-232, Android 200, Back End 160-200
  • An average cost of iOS developer is $20 so, for the iOS driver app, it will be 296 – 430 hours for the filters.
  • This equates to $5,920 – $8,640“
  • An average cost of an Android developer is $20 so, for the Android driver app, it will be 360 – 400 hours for the filters.
  • This equates to $7,200 – $8,000“

A Passenger App:

Feature IOS Android Backend
Registration 40 hours 40 hours 40 hours
Card details 40 hours 16-32 hours 80 hours
Locations 40 hours 40 hours 80 hours
Request results 56-64 hours 80 hours 48 hours
Fare calculator 16-24 hours 16-24 hours 80-120 hours
Driver tracking 24-40 hours 40 hours 40 hours
Payments 80 hours
Reviews and rating 32-48 hours 56 hours 80 hours
Booking history 16-32 hours 40 hours 40 hours
Push notification 40-80 hours 40-80 hours 40 hours
Total 344-448 hours 368-432 hours 608-648 hours
  • Efforts in hours: iOS 344-448, Android 200, Back End 160-200
  • An average cost of iOS developer is $20 so, for theiOS passenger app, it’ll be 952-1096 hours for filters                                                                  “This equates to$19,040 – $21,920“
  • An average cost of an Android developer is $20 so, for the Android passenger app, it’ll be 976 – 1080 hours for the filters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “This equates to $19,520 – $21,600“

So, an MVP Uber estimate cost is $20000-$30000 to develop a taxi booking application or may the budget can grow up to $45,000+. The total cost of taxi app development varies on your unique requirements and company’s hourly rate.

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