About StackOverFlowError in Java

Like many programming languages which are used extensively by numerous programmers, Java is one such type that all these programmers to create and build almost anything digitally. As such, programmers should also be prepared for the various types of challenges which they might encounter during the phase. Thus, one such challenge is the occurrence of errors while compiling and executing Java code (programming language).

StackOverflowError in Java

The “StackOverFlowError” is a run-time error in Java, which many beginners find difficult to understand and diagnose the cause of the problem. Therefore, in this blog, we shall take a look at the occurrence of the error in Java and also find necessary solutions to fix the problem effectively.

If you have experienced the “StackOverFlowError” issue when running Java code on your computer, you do not have to panic as there are solutions available that can help you easily resolve the problem and be able to run your Java programs successfully.

How It Is Caused

In Java, a stack represents the limited memory which is used for the purpose of storing values of each variable, string etc. Usually, the default allocated size limit for a stack in Java is only 1 MB (1,048,576 bytes or 1024 Kilobytes). This much amount of fixed memory is sufficient for most processes, however, there are times when the fixed amount of stack memory tends to exceed its limit and thus, generates an error.

The user receives an error message when the fixed memory size of the stack is exceeded when defining values in Java program.

Error message:


The “StackOverFlowError” error is thrown when:

  • A stack overflow function occurs due to an infinite recursion of the Java application or program.
  • Allocating a size which is greater than the stack’s actual limit.

How To Fix StackOverFlowError Issue In Java

If you are a beginner in Java programming and have just been greeted with the “StackOverFlowError” error on your computer, here is a solution that will help you resolve the issue quickly.

As mentioned above, when an allocated memory space in the stack is exceeded by a variable or string value, which is provided by the user, then you are bound to receive this sort of error. Therefore, an effective solution to prevent this type of error in the future is by simply allocating a greater amount of memory space. This should be more that the default size, which is usually 1 MB. The bigger the memory size limit of the stack, the more values you will be able to input in your Java program. Also, when you compile and run the Java code, you will not have to be bothered receiving the error message on your computer’s screen.

This is an effective method as it is the best solution for the issue described here.

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