Who We Are

Codexoxo is a recognised Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) for cloud computing, including various software applications and services. Our ground is mainly focused on delivering industry-standard services that are rapidly provisioned for businesses of all sizes and types with minimal management effort.

The certification validates us as a major investment in resources, technology and training in order to effectively cater to clients on Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform with the benefit of better sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale for your business.

How We Help You

Through our proficiency in Microsoft Azure cloud management platform, we help customers as well as our prospect business clients to achieve consistency, increased visibility, control and much more. We provide our further assistance to companies and organisations of different sizes to help build robust software applications and deploy them on the cloud securely and without any hassle.

At Codexoxo, we provide an abundance of services, which can easily meet the business needs of both our clients and their customers that the applications are developed for. Thus, being professionals in rendering IT solutions and having a team of expert MSPs to cater to your business needs, we are here to assist you with our varied services for Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Mobile Platform Engagement

  • Implement Cloud Strategy

  • Build Applications

  • Manage Applications

  • Database Management

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Microsoft-specific Software

  • Software Framework

  • Test Applications

  • Application Optimisation

  • Managed Data Centres

  • Cross-Platform Operating System

  • Third-Party Software

  • Development Tools

  • Deploy Applications

  • Storage Services

  • Services and Solutions

If you are in need of professionals to help you work with your business project, you will not be disappointed with our experts at Codexoxo. Give us a call to get in touch with our dedicated experts immediately. Our toll-free support desk phone number is <enter-phone-number>. Call us today!

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP For All Your IT Solutions Needs

Our expert MSPs at Codexoxo deliver Microsoft Azure cloud computing services efficiently and with a goal to allow business clients to delight their customers.

  • Certified Microsoft Azure MSPs

  • Technical Experts

  • Flexible Services

  • Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Competent in Cloud Platform

  • Service Consultants

  • Better Customer Engagement

  • 24x7 Customer Support Availability

  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

  • Customer Delivery

  • Maintenance

Need solutions? Simply give us a call today and let our certified expert MSPs assist you efficiently. Our help desk is run 24×7 and you can easily reach us any time by dialling our toll-free support phone number <enter-phone-number> to get assistance quickly.

If you have questions, our experts can be consulted to help you get the best answers and/or suggestions. Talk to our expert MSPs here at Codexoxo to hire Microsoft Azure professionals to work with your business projects and also avail our round the clock technical services whenever you are in doubt or require support.

We are committed to delivering services that comply with the industry standards and build long-term relationship of trust with our clients throughout the world.

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