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Applications that are built on the Java platform can be used for a number of purposes – from playing games on desktop or laptop machines to using applications in enterprises and other businesses. There is, in fact, a wide range of purposes that are easily fulfilled by stand-alone Java applications.

If you are a programmer in Java and have developed various kinds of applications for web, desktop and mobile platforms, you will also understand the various challenges which you must have gone through the application’s development process. Basically, the first necessity of running applications which are built on the Java platform, is that your computer system must have the Java application installed in order to support such applications. Other than that, there are also different criteria which needs to be fulfilled for the applications to run smoothly and without errors on your computer system.

However, there is one issue which has been encountered by users when working with or launching Java-based applications. The “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine” error is one such issue that has been a nightmare for many and is hunting for solutions.

If you are among those users who are experiencing the same error with Java applications and need a quick fix, read further to know how you can resolve the error and get your applications running without any difficulties.

How It Is Caused

When you start an application which is built on the Java platform and you are not able to use the application on your desktop or laptop, there has got to be a problem. Sometimes, you might also get error messages that relate to the issue to help you understand why the problem has occurred.

The “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine” error usually occurs when you run out of memory space, which is required for the application to function properly on your computer system.

Your Java Virtual Machine launcher will display an error message as shown below:

Error message:

Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.

Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

The error message that is displayed above shows a similar situation, where the application could not be launched due to the lack of required memory space in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Fix Could Not Create the Java Virtual Machine Error

If you are looking for ways to fix the “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine” error on your computer system, then you will find effective solutions here.

This type of error is displayed on the user’s screen when the user tries to open an application program on his or her computer, which then fails to launch successfully. Thus, to fix this type of an issue, it is required that you check the memory allocation in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) application that you have installed on your Windows operating system.

To open the JRE toolkit on your Windows computer, you can access it by going to the Control Panel page and then navigating to the Advanced Settings section. After that, select the Environment Variables tab, where you will see the currently installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The Environment Variables window allows you to make necessary adjustments with the selected system variable.

The other option you have is to create a new System Variable for Java and allow a dedicated memory space, which should be sufficient to run all kinds of Java applications on your computer without any problems.

In both the solutions given above, it is best to have more than 1GB (1024 Megabytes) of memory space allotted for running Java applications smoothly. This will also prevent from errors occurring in the future.

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