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We provide expert solutions to you on JavaScript and help you with ways to fix problems, whether it is in the code or in applications.

  • Execute JavaScript on local computer

  • Enable/disable JavaScript in different operating systems

  • Build client-side resources using tools supported by JavaScript

  • Build single and multiple-page applications on ASP.NET with JavaScript

  • Execute JavaScript on server at run-time

  • Create new applications using JavaScript

  • Create Angular, React, etc., applications using Visual Studio

  • Cross-platform (Windows, macOS or Linux) JavaScript solutions

There could be more issues that simply goes unnoticed. At Codexoxo, our JavaScript experts have all the answers and solutions that you need in order to fix all those issues that might be annoying you all day long and ridding you off your valuable time and of course, sleep. But, there is a way to deal with such unwanted JavaScript errors during run-time, or when accessing other applications on your computer.

Types Of JavaScript Errors

JavaScript includes various types of errors which can be basically categorised into:

  • Internal Error

  • Reference Error

  • Syntax Error

  • Type Error

  • System Error

  • Warning

  • Range Error

A user may often encounter any of the aforementioned categories of JavaScript errors on their systems and devices that run, or are needed to run Java and JavaScript-based applications, services etc.

For instance, if you are trying to browse the internet using your default web browser (IE or Edge on Windows, Safari on macOS, or Firefox on Linux) and you happen to come across a website that fails to load its pages and then displays a message on your screen stating that you have Java or JavaScript turned off or not installed. As a result, a lot of users might panic on this. But, there is nothing to panic about. Simply go to your web browser’s settings page and look for the option to turn it back on. That’s it!

Fix Common JavaScript Issues and Errors

Displayed below is a list of errors which are thrown by JavaScript.

  • Too much recursion

  • Argument is not a valid code point

  • Invalid array length

  • Function statement requires a name

  • Missing variable name

  • Illegal character

  • Assignment to undeclared variable “x”

  • Invalid date

  • Radix must be an integer

  • Invalid assignment left-hand side

  • Unexpected token

  • Permission denied to access property “x”

  • Can’t access lexical declaration ‘X’ before initialisation

  • Reference to undefined property “x”

  • Malformed formal parameter

  • Precision is out of range

  • Deprecated caller or arguments usage

  • Repeat count must be less than infinity

  • “x” is not defined

  • Repeat count must be non-negative

  • JSON.parse: bad parsing

  • Invalid regular expression flag “x”

These are just a few of the most commonly occurring JavaScript errors which are faced by many programmers. Our experts provide you assistance instantly and effectively. If you need assistance, simply give our experts a call on the toll-free phone number (phone number).