Want to have a better online presence and increase your business? A well-optimised SEO is the solution to taking your business much farther in the e-commerce market. How is it done? Codexoxo provides WordPress SEO services and expert solutions to over thousands of small and medium-sized businesses all around the world, helping you reach out to a large number of visitors on the vast internet.


At Codexoxo, our main goal is to help you achieve online presence successfully and with less effort. Through the support of our certified WordPress SEO experts, you will receive search engine traffic by targeting and directing the interest of thousands of online visitors to products and/or services which you trade on the internet.

Our WordPress SEO services are rendered to clients who come from different professional backgrounds, some of which include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Restaurant and hotel owners
  • Retailers
  • Government organisations
  • Musicians
  • Non-profit organisations


Proper strategy and a well-executed SEO technique can bring your business to success. Also, a properly configured SEO can increase your WordPress site’s online presence, which in turn, will build your business’ recognition and goodwill.

Generate higher web traffic and website ranking in various search engines that are commonly used by millions of visitors and thereby, increase your conversion.

Your WordPress website, blog or E-commerce store can be well-optimised by our SEO experts at Codexoxo that will allow you to get better response from your online audiences.

WordPress SEO Support

  • Basic and advanced SEO for WordPress sites
  • Configure and optimise SEO
  • Optimisation for WordPress site’s image files, title tags and links
  • Create, configure and optimise Sitemap in WordPress sites
  • Google Analytics implementation and configuration
  • WordPress content optimisation
  • Social media optimisation
  • Automated submission of post to major search engine sites (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Implement mod-rewrite structure
  • Exchange backlinks with relevant websites
  • Review website content for optimisation
  • Evaluate XHTML/PHP for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Optimise permalinks
  • Monthly SEO auditing and reporting
  • Monitor search keyword crawlers
  • Diagnose and fix HTML errors
  • Live consultation with our SEO experts
WordPress SEO Support

Our team will analyse your WordPress site’s structure, content and other relevant areas for technical issues and improve them accordingly. Carrying out various improvements and optimising your site with SEO will allow you to build a better online presence among your visitors.


Our SEO specialists at Codexoxo are the right experts who you can easily reach and seek assistance. We provide high-quality SEO for WordPress through which you can push your site up in search ranking and gaining more traffic.

With our expert WordPress consultants, you can easily ask questions and find the best answers and/or suggestions that will also help you grow your business.

For help and support, contact us on our toll-free help desk phone number <enter-phone-number>. Also, if you have queries, you may drop a mail to our WordPress support e-mail at <enter-email-address>.

Our WordPress support centre is open 24/7 to assist you with solutions instantly. Talk to our support experts any time.

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