At Codexoxo, we implement the best standards of quality and functionality in WordPress plug-in development solutions. With such plug-ins integrated into your WordPress site, your site will be able to function much better.

Enterprises can further increase their productivity by using custom-built plug-ins on WordPress e-commerce sites.

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We provide endless solutions for WordPress sites. All you have to do is simply reach us on our toll-free phone number <enter-phone-number> for any kind of support and assistance with regards to your WordPress site. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Our WordPress plug-in services include:

  • WordPress plug-in development

  • WordPress plug-in installation

  • WordPress plug-in integration

  • WordPress plug-in customisation

  • WordPress plug-in enhancement

  • WordPress plug-in updates and upgrades

  • WordPress plug-in support solutions

If you want to consult our WordPress experts, you can do so any time. Our WordPress support experts and professional advisors are available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide helpful suggestions that will enrich your experience with WordPress.



Our WordPress plug-in development services are very flexible and offers quick and easy customisation that works with absolute fineness.


Understanding the security approach, we offer customised WordPress plug-ins that are completely secure and bug-free.


At Codexoxo, we offer custom-built WordPress plug-ins for your sites that are compatible with the latest version of WordPress CMS.

Built to function

Our team of skilled developers at Codexoxo create custom WordPress plug-ins that function without inflicting any problems.

Performance at par

Each custom WordPress plug-in developed by our skilled developers at Codexoxo are tested on the grounds of performance and usability.


W3C Compliant

We are a recognised company that complies with the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We aim to render interactive and well-optimised WordPress development solutions to our clients across the globe.

Proficient WordPress Developers

Codexoxo houses a team of certified and experienced WordPress developers who have been serving diligently for several years. The dedication and capability of our WordPress developers keep us apart from the rest.

Excellent WordPress Plug-in Customisation

Our skilled WordPress developers at Codexoxo create feature-rich plug-ins with the use of advanced tools and new means of technology.  The plug-ins offer better functionality no matter what you use your WordPress site for.

Top Notch Quality

We always believe in providing top notch quality services and solutions for WordPress to our clients. We strive to make our services even better so as to maintain a healthy relationship with our clients for many years.

Authentic Design

Every website we build and plug-ins we create, we do not ignore the visual appearance of such sites and plug-ins. Thus, we design WordPress sites and plug-ins with great authenticity.

High-end Security

Security is an important and critical aspect of every WordPress site and its integrated elements. Using advanced security tools, we keep all sorts of vulnerabilities away from your WordPress site and give you peace of mind.

Committed to Timely Delivery

We are always committed in delivering projects to our clients on time. Our WordPress developers strive to complete each project at hand as per the schedule defined by clients.

Maintenance and Performance Optimisation

We provide maintenance and performance optimisation services to our clients for WordPress. We take great care and responsibility of your WordPress site, including its applications, plug-ins, data, themes, content, etc. Our emphasis is to boost your site’s ability to perform faster and much better.

24/7 On Demand Support

Our WordPress support experts at Codexoxo are available 24/7 to assist you with any kinds of issues and queries which you may have with regards to your WordPress site. We provide effective solutions any time.


We understand our clients thus, we offer affordable services for WordPress that will not burn your pockets at all. Our WordPress services are budget-friendly and there are no hidden charges for support.

Call us for support and assistance any time. Our toll-free help desk phone number is <enter-phone-number>.

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