Having a slow WordPress site can make you lose online visitors. If you own a business and your website is sluggish, you will eventually lose consumers, sales and conversions. Do not let these happen to you.

Make your WordPress site faster on any computer system and mobile device. We render high quality WordPress performance optimisation services worldwide. You can contact us to get immediate assistance. Dial our WordPress support toll-free phone number <enter-phone-number> and talk to our certified WordPress support experts today!

WordPress Optimization


We will boost the performance of your WordPress site through our effective methods.

We will audit your WordPress site on the following grounds. These vital and critical checks will make it easier to determine the roots of the problem and we be able to resolve them immediately. Thus, giving you a faster site with an improved site ranking and boosting your overall online presence

  • Inspect site thoroughly

  • Check HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript

  • Check web caching

  • Theme configuration

  • Check bad site requests and broken links

  • Check plug-ins

  • Check third-party applications

  • Check web hosting

  • Check for possible errors

  • Check for malware and other infections

  • Identify problems

  • Diagnose problems

  • Resolve problems and errors

  • Reduce website loading time

  • Improve web traffic and site ranking


Here’s how we optimise your WordPress site and regain its overall speed:

Quick response time

We will optimise your WordPress site to achieve faster response time both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Install WordPress Caching plug-in

We will install web caching plug-in in your WordPress site in order to speed up the loading of web pages.

Add Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We will add a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that will ensure faster response of your site and protect it against DDoS attacks.

Merge CSS files

We will merge CSS files in your WordPress site, which will reduce the time taken to fetch results by your visitor’s browser from your server.

Defer JavaScript files

We will configure the JavaScript files to be held back and loaded separately so as to prevent your WordPress site from lagging.

Remove query strings

We will remove unwanted web query strings, such as URLs that contain characters like “?” and “&” to improve speed of your site.

Add a proxy server

We will configure proxy server that will allow your WordPress site to display its pages and contents quickly to your visitors.

Optimise database

We will configure and update your WordPress database, such as MySQL, which will greatly increase the speed of your site and dealing with data.

Update WordPress

We will update your WordPress site with new features that will also help in automatically fixing known bugs and improving speed.

Upgrade WordPress hosting

We will test your WordPress hosting server and provide methods to upgrade to a faster and secured web hosting service.

Our worldwide clients are happy with the quality and effectiveness of our WordPress services. Yet, we still aim to make our services far better and affordable.

Call us today for availing our WordPress performance optimisation services and make your WordPress site perform better than before. Dial our toll-free helpline number <enter-phone-number> any time. We are available 24/7 with expert solutions.

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