Have a WordPress site that runs your business or passion? But, what about maintaining your site so that it delivers what you own it for? Your WordPress site needs care just the way you care about yourself. That being said, the need for maintaining your WordPress site becomes important and should not be neglected.


Why you should opt for WordPress maintenance services:

  • It is a very effective procedure

  • It is safe

  • It is carried out by certified and skilled WordPress experts

  • Quality checks are run and looks for defects in sites

  • In-depth scanning of site is initiated to detect malware and other vulnerabilities

  • Repairs broken site links and codes

  • All-in-one solution that ensures your WordPress site’s functionality.

It’s always a good idea to approach the experts to help you keep your WordPress site functioning at all times and prevent it from encountering unwanted problems. Our WordPress experts at Codexoxo provide hassle-free services round the clock and also cater to all your website needs promptly.


WordPress Updates

You do not have to take the trouble of finding updates for your WordPress website and installing the ones that are required for your website. The experts at Codexoxo carry out update tasks effectively that will save you plenty of time and you can focus on your other important work.

WordPress Optimisation

Our experts at Codexoxo have solutions to slow and lagging WordPress sites. Various optimisation tasks are carried out by these WordPress experts to make your site perform faster and better. You will notice improved functionality in your website.

WordPress Security

Keeping your WordPress site secure from online attacks and vulnerabilities is our prime objective because we understand that being safe is very crucial. We run safety checks and scan your website, including all its data, database, etc., and ensure it is free from security threats.

WordPress Site Responsiveness

Our experts at Codexoxo runs checks to ensure that your WordPress site is responsive when viewed on various smartphones and other portable devices. This also includes adjusting the design and layout of sites to be able to fit well on screens of devices of different size.

WordPress Offsite Backups

You do not have to fear about losing your data. Our experts at Codexoxo will backup your WordPress site and the data contained in it. You can recover your site’s data any time and from any location with a simple and quick procedure and this will not compromise your data.

WordPress Expert Support

Easily get assistance for your WordPress site, no matter when you are in need of it. Our WordPress expert support services are open 24/7 which can be reached on the toll-free phone number <enter-phone-number> or via e-mail <enter-email-address>.


That’s right! Codexoxo is here to maintain your WordPress site from A-Z. So, you have nothing to worry about.

You can easily contact the WordPress support experts at Codexoxo on the toll-free phone number <enter-phone-number>. If you have questions or concerns and need help, simply speak with our team of certified experts and get solutions that will help you solve issues or problems with your WordPress site.

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