When you do not backup, or perhaps, ignore or forget to backup your WordPress site, you also put your site at risk. The state of risk of your WordPress site can depend on a lot of things. It may vary from a minor problem to something that takes the shape of a major one.


Codexoxo caters to the needs of WordPress users, both individuals and enterprises. The scope for quality and easily available solutions are undoubtedly the milestones we have achieved successfully. We are now committed towards delivering solutions that comply with the industry standards.

WordPress backup and restore services rendered by Codexoxo comes handy especially when WordPress users experience problems or annoyances with their sites. The service allows users to backup their sites and restore or recover their site and its data quickly and safely and without losing anything.


Our WordPress backup and restore services are efficient and affordable. We render quality services to our clients across the globe.

You can always get in touch with us to assist you with our WordPress backup and restore solutions.

WordPress Backup

We provide seamless WordPress backup solutions that will keep your data secure and make it available whenever you are in need of it.

WordPress Restore

We restore WordPress sites, settings, plug-ins, themes, data, files, database, etc., through a very smooth and quick procedure.

WordPress Recovery

We recover WordPress sites that have been entirely corrupt or damaged and also recover its related data without losing any information.

WordPress Optimisation

Alongside WordPress backup, we also provide WordPress optimisation to ensure the proper functioning of sites after a successful restore or recovery.

WordPress Support and Consultation

Our WordPress experts are certified professionals who are always prepared to provide support and advice whenever you seek consultation and suggestions for your WordPress site.


WordPress backup is essential because it primarily saves you from various kinds of trouble which are sometimes, beyond our control.

Backing up your WordPress site becomes an important task when:

  • WordPress site is not functioning properly

  • A WordPress theme upgrade is causing site to break

  • A WordPress plug-in has crashed

  • WordPress site is hacked

  • WordPress site’s data is corrupt or compromised

  • WordPress site’s database is corrupt

  • WordPress hosting account is hacked

  • Moving or migrating to and from another web hosting service

  • Moving or migrating to and from another CMS platform

  • Restoring WordPress site from backup


Automated and scheduled backups

One-click WordPress site and data restoration

Restore WordPress site via plug-ins

Manual WordPress restore using FTP


Wondering how to backup your WordPress site to overcome an inevitable disaster? Contact Codexoxo and our support experts will assist you with the backup process of your WordPress site, which also includes all of its files, content, database and other critical information.

Simply give us a call on our WordPress support toll-free phone number <enter-phone-number> and sit back and relax, while we take care of your WordPress site’s backup.

If you experience problems when restoring or recovering your WordPress site and its data, do not worry, we have your back. We will restore and/or recover your WordPress site without losing any of your important data.

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