Error Establishing A Database Connection

Getting issues and errors in WordPress can be annoying at times, especially for beginners. Since, WordPress beginners are completely new to the world’s most popular and widely used CMS platform and its architecture, therefore, chances of experiencing technical problems may occur as well.

However, at times, there are other issues that may occur in WordPress which is not specific to WordPress beginners. In other words, WordPress users who are technically sound may also experience issues in WordPress CMS.

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Sometimes, certain problems can be resolved automatically, if the issue occurred is not very serious in nature. But, at other times, the issue occurred may not be able to rectify on its own. For this, you need the assistance of specialised WordPress experts, who are professionals in dealing with such situations. The WordPress support experts at Codexoxo provide seamless technical assistance services for WordPress throughout the globe.

How It Is Caused

The issue “Error establishing a database connection” is generally linked with the WordPress database (back-end), which stores all the data and other relevant information of the site and its contents. So, when a problem occurs with the WordPress database, such an error is displayed on the user’s computer or device screen.

In this case, the error suggests that there is a problem connecting the WordPress database with the user’s network. WordPress requires a database to store all the site’s data in an organised manner, which can then be fetched quickly with a few strokes of keys on your device.


Let’s look at the possible reasons as to why “Error establishing a database connection” issue occurs in WordPress

  • Failed to establish a connection with WordPress database (back-end)

  • Incorrect login credentials entered to connect to database

  • WordPress database server is not responding

  • WordPress database is corrupt

  • Error with WordPress database

These are some of the primary causes of the “Error establishing a database connection” issue occurring in WordPress.

Fix Error Establishing A Database Connection Issue In WordPress – Contact Codexoxo For Support

Knowing these reasons will help the user to properly analyse, diagnose and troubleshoot the issue accordingly.

Now, in order to fix the issue that has occurred in WordPress, it is required that the user have administrator privileges and logged in to rectify the error. Having the administrator privileges allow the user to check the elements carefully and then carry out the essential measures to fix the “Error establishing a database connection” issue.

However, if you need someone to guide you with the issue, your one-stop solution is getting assistance from the certified WordPress support experts at Codexoxo.

How To Get Support For WordPress From Experts At Codexoxo

Support for WordPress is rendered round the clock by certified experts at Codexoxo. These certified WordPress support experts can be contacted directly via phone and e-mail.

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