404 Error In WordPress

WordPress posts returning 404 error is one of the common issues that have been encountered by some users when using their WordPress sites. This is pretty much the same as having a ‘404 Not Found’ error, which gets displayed when the user tries to access a web page on the site.


If a user who owns a WordPress site does experience this type of an issue, there is no need to panic. Because a blank page is displayed with the error message only, users must note that their data and web pages are not affected or erased from the site. It’s just an element of the WordPress site that is probably gone wrong somewhere, which needs to be identified and rectified.

Issues such as WordPress posts returning ‘404 Not Found’ error can now be dealt with ease and effectively.

How It Is Caused

The WordPress error that is usually displayed on the affected user’s desktop screen is given as follows:


404 Not Found


Some of the possible reasons for displaying the ‘404 Not Found’ error can be mentioned below:

  • .htaccess file is corrupt or damaged
  • .htaccess file is deleted
  • Incorrect settings in permalinks

These are some of the common reasons that have been known to trigger the ‘404 Not Found’ error in WordPress. Also, there are solutions available, through which you can get rid of the issue and have the required pages displayed in WordPress for you to view.

Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error in WordPress – Contact Experts At Codexoxo

It is advised that before carrying out measures for fixing problems in WordPress, users must make sure that they are logged in to WordPress with administrative privileges. This will allow you to inspect your WordPress CMS and site thoroughly and identify the areas causing issues and preventing your site from functioning properly.

In order to resolve the problem when getting ‘404 Not Found’ error, there are few things that needs to be checked, analysed and then carry out the methods for fixing the relevant issue.

The first step which you can take here in order to diagnose the ‘404 Not Found’ error in WordPress is by accessing and running a check on the .htaccess file. The file is stored in the server for developers and local server for desktop users. You can access the file using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application on server, or simply navigate to the installed WordPress directory on your desktop to access the file from the local server.

Here, upon accessing the .htaccess file, you will be required to have write permissions in order to make changes to the file. So, make sure that have the administrative privileges to make changes to the file. There is a slight change which can be made in the .htaccess file’s settings. After opening the file, you will need to change its value by entering the numbers 666. If it doesn’t work, change the permissions back to 660. Update the .htaccess file with the new value and check if the problem is solved.

Another solution is to update the settings in permalinks. This can be done by going to the settings page in WordPress and making necessary changes to the permalinks displayed in the page. If you find that the permalinks are set incorrectly, then update the links and click on the Save Changes button. Exit from the settings page and try to reload the page to check if it works.

If you have trouble working with the solutions and need assistance, you can reach us. Our WordPress support experts at Codexoxo can help you fix the issues quickly and make your WordPress site display the web pages.

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