Shopify Theme Customisation

Don’t like the theme that you currently have on your Shopify store? It’s time that you bring some changes to your presently used theme.

Shopify theme gives your e-commerce store a fresh new look. Visitors who view your online store on their computers and hand-held devices may even admire the elegance of your web store.


Shopify Theme Modifications That Is Sure To Innovate Your Shopify Store

If you own a Shopify store and want to change the appearance of your e-commerce website’s theme, then we have the best solutions for you right here. We render expert customisation services for Shopify themes. Our dedicated Shopify themes are built with neat, beautiful and responsive design.

Get expert theme customisation services directly from our theme developers. From basic design to advanced theme set up, we assist you in editing all the components of your Shopify e-commerce website. Contact our professional developers at Code XOXO to help you customise your Shopify e-commerce website that comply as per your requirements in design and experience.

  • Theme design
  • Custom templates
  • Installation of theme
  • Website page layout
  • Add alternate product templates
  • User-friendly interface
  • Add custom fonts to website
  • Edit styles and other minor layout
  • Change banner images and photos of products
  • Product page layout
  • Change layout position of some theme elements
  • Add unique colours
  • Collections page controlled by a menu
  • Mailing list sign up form
  • Add custom images and icons
  • Add pre-order functionality
  • Set up content and style
  • Image size guide
  • Add tabs
  • Change or modify product colours
  • Social media links integration
  • Theme updates

Not only that. We can help you add other necessary tools from Shopify’s docs to your e-commerce website theme, such as:

  • Shipping calculators
  • Linked options
  • Age verification
  • Terms and conditions checkbox

See What Makes Our Custom Shopify Themes Rewarding

  • Seamless Theme Customisation

    Themes include multi-functional layout of administration panel for better website layout configuration and live theme customisation.

  • Multiple Skins That Offer Compatibility

    Choose from a wide array of skins that are compatible with your Shopify e-commerce website. Also includes many alternate styles which gives you flexible layout without running through codes manually.

  • Responsive Themes

    Our customised themes are supported on cross-platform devices, that is, you can use the themes on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The themes allow much better rendering of your Shopify e-commerce website on any device.

  • Optimised for SEO ranking

    Improved SEO traffic and ranking of your Shopify e-commerce website throughout major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • Options Simplified

    Take complete control of your Shopify store’s management operations. Enhance your web store with all the advanced tools that are available at your disposal.

Why Code XOXO For Shopify Theme Customisation Services

Our Shopify theme customisation services is a choice of many online merchants who own Shopify store and sell products of various categories to customers. Whether you run Shopify store to sell clothings, household commodities, electronic appliances, beverage, handicraft items, etc., we give you the most lively themes that creates a visually appealing experience for your e-commerce store.

  • We have professional developers
  • Design changes of any kind
  • Robust responsive e-commerce frameworks
  • Theme editing services
  • We use latest technology for coding and style (HTML5/CSS3)
  • Code alterations
  • Debugging theme functions
  • Support for third-party themes
  • Backup support
  • Update support
  • 24/7 technical support and maintenance

If you have questions or need assistance, feel free and get in touch with our Code XOXO help desk. Let our professional experts guide you around in enhancing your Shopify store with elegant themes and improved functionality.

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