Why Code XOXO For Support And Maintenance Services

Our Shopify experts at Code XOXO offer regular maintenance and support services for your Shopify e-commerce store. Maintaining your Shopify store is as necessary as taking care of your offline business establishment. A business runs well when it is functional and looked after properly.

Similarly, our aim is to provide the best solutions to help you maintain your Shopify store so that you do not encounter problems and neither does your customers when accessing your website.

Shopify Support And Maintenance Services

If you run into problems when managing your Shopify store, do not hesitate to seek assistance from our certified experts. We are always willing to help you, whether it is a minor issue or a major concern. All you have to do is simply give us a call and our experts will assist you right away. We provide support solutions for:

  • Shopify account
  • Migrating to Shopify
  • Shopify product catalogue
  • Shopify themes
  • Integration of third-party apps
  • Payment gateway
  • Website domain
  • Shipping
  • Orders
  • Taxes
  • Customers
  • Analytic
  • Apps
  • Productivity tools
  • Marketing and discounts

Shopify Store Development Solutions

If you are in need of setting up a new Shopify e-commerce store or want to upgrade your current Shopify store with better and advanced functionality, our experts are here to help you. Also, if you want to improve the performance of your Shopify store, our experts can assist you right away.

Our expertise in Shopify development include:

  • Shopify store development
  • Shopify store setup and deployment
  • Shopify Plus store development and bespoke builds
  • Shopify store customisation
  • Shopify migration services
  • Shopify store performance optimisation
  • Shopify store upgrade to Shopify Plus services
  • Shopify support and maintenance

Get Support For Shopify Store Design

Our support experts at Code XOXO help you create attractive and responsive e-commerce store. It also includes user-friendly experience for your customers who visit your web store using any electronic device such as desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

  • Shopify e-commerce store updates
  • Shopify ERP/CMS backup and updates
  • Shopify app and theme updates
  • Shopify store export management
  • Shopify store security monitoring
  • Shopify store support and maintenance

Get Support For Shopify Store Customisation

Our team of Shopify developers can help you customise your Shopify store that suits your taste as well as functions according to your business needs.

  • Shopify theme customisation
  • Shopify extensions and modules
  • Shopify app setup and integration
  • Custom Shopify app development

World-class Shopify Integration Solutions

Get the best solutions for integrating apps and extensions into your Shopify store. With our industry-standard services, the experts can assist you in automating various tasks such as orders, inventory, billing, transactions, refunds, cancellations and other fulfilments. Our experts also help you integrate back office so that you can carry out business processes automatically and saving you plenty of time to focus on other important things.

Our Shopify integration services include:

  • Shopify payment gateway integration
  • Shopify app integration
  • Shopify and third-party app integration
  • Custom apps and system integration
  • Pre-built ERPs such as Dynamics AX and NetSuite

Shopify Migration Services

Our experts at Code XOXO can assist you with the migration process from all major and widely used e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal, Volusion, BigCommerce, etc., to the Shopify e-commerce platform and vice versa. No matter in which industry you run your online business, our experts have the capability and expertise to allow you to smoothly migrate between different e-commerce platforms.

We provide solutions for:

  • Shopify e-commerce store migration to third-party e-commerce platforms
  • Third-party e-commerce platform to Shopify migration
  • Shopify Plus migration services to and from third-party e-commerce platforms

Shopify Support and Maintenance Solutions

Apart from providing services for Shopify store design, development, integration and migration, we offer on-demand technical support services round the clock. We help you fix problems or errors, improve store enhancements, add features and tweaks to your Shopify e-commerce store and much more.

Our Shopify experts at Code XOXO have expertise and insight in making the Shopify e-commerce platform a user-friendly experience for your online business.

We render our support solutions for:

  • Shopify store development
  • Shopify store updates
  • Shopify ERP and CMS updates
  • Backing up CMS and ERP systems
  • Shopify app updates
  • Shopify theme updates
  • Shopify store management

If you need help with your Shopify store, contact us immediately. Our experts can assist you fix problems and provide necessary solutions that will help you run your online business effectively.

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