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Shopify is a demanding e-commerce platform that takes your online business to the path of success. At Code XOXO, you will find all kinds of Shopify support for your Shopify web-store. You can also consult with the Shopify experts to guide you around and help you get the most out of your e-commerce store.

The top notch support services rendered by the Shopify experts at Code XOXO are impeccable and are totally driven towards adhering to the industry standards.

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You can easily contact us via our toll-free customer support helpline, start a live chat with our specialists or send us your queries through e-mail and receive solutions immediately from our Shopify experts. When help is around the corner, you have nothing to worry about. Our aim is to provide you all the necessary support and assistance which will also allow you to grow your e-commerce business in a very effective and efficient way.

Get unlimited support from our specialists at Code XOXO for a wide range of services, including:

  • Shopify website design and development
  • Web-store updates
  • Custom Shopify e-commerce store
  • Web-store export process management
  • Updates and backup for Shopify CMS
  • Shopify app and theme updates
  • Web-store security monitoring
  • Shopify maintenance
  • Performance optimisation
  • Shopify website code review
  • Third-party module and extensions integration
  • Training offered by Shopify experts
  • Consultation and advise
  • 24/7 technical support

Code XOXO fulfils its duties by rendering customer support services to persons and business owners who run their Shopify web-store to sell commodities through website as well as on mobile app.

Shopify web-store updates

Your Shopify web-store can have an improved performance and better functionality with the availability of new updates that will keep your online business running at its peak.

Also, update your Shopify e-commerce store with all the new features and latest trends that will actually boost your online business in the e-commerce market. Or, get in touch with our experts to assist you in getting the required updates instantly. Contact our Shopify experts at Code XOXO any time and find all the support and assistance you need for your Shopify web-store.


Revamp your Shopify store with updates

Updating your Shopify e-commerce store is as important as keeping yourself up-to-date with everyday activities. You can let the experts at Code XOXO perform the necessary updates to help you stay on the track and avoid any obstacles which may prevent you from selling your merchandise to customers online. The updates allow you to carry out your e-commerce business effectively from your Shopify website and app for the mobile platform.

Code XOXO will update your Shopify store without any trouble. Call our experts today to assist you in getting the desired updates for:

Updates to your Shopify web-store are essential. If you have missed out previous updates, do not worry. Our Shopify experts at Code XOXO will assist you with the required updates and keep your online store running perfectly.

  • Shopify web-store settings
  • Product items
  • Inventory
  • Product images and media
  • Third-party apps and extensions
  • Shipping methods
  • Payment gateways
  • Shopify mobile
  • Product search integration
  • SEO optimisation

Updates to your Shopify web-store are essential. If you have missed out previous updates, do not worry. Our Shopify experts at Code XOXO will assist you with the required updates and keep your online store running perfectly.

Managing Shopify web-store export processes

Want to export or transfer data from your old store to the new one? The Shopify store process management is carried out easily and quickly by the experts at Code XOXO. So, there is nothing to worry.

If you are switching between an old store and a new store, you are also required to move various elements like products, information, history, etc., and make them available to be accessed on the new e-commerce platform. These information are digital data that undergo a secured process during its transmission. After the successful completion of your data transit process, you will be able to view the information the way it is.

Managing Shopify web store export processes

Shopify lets you export and import data from your previous store. The experts at Code XOXO ensure safe retrieval of your data, no matter how large or little is the information.

  • Export and import CSV files to Shopify store
  • Access and view CSV files using Excel spreadsheets
  • Export products list from old to new Shopify store
  • Import gift cards into Shopify store
  • Export and import product order history
  • Import products
  • Filter and edit products list
  • Import and export custom file formats
  • Export and import customer details
  • Export and import Shopify store themes

Schedule imports the easy way

It’s easy to schedule importing of data from various sources like Google Sheets, cloud storage servers, domain links, etc. Or, contact the Shopify experts at Code XOXO to assist you with the automated scheduling, so that you do not have to put in much effort.

The automated scheduling of importing data on your Shopify web-store can save you a lot of time, so that you can take care of other matters.

Shopify CMS Updates and Backup

Shopify’s rich and engaging content management system (CMS) lets you create product pages and blog pages, while also offering you unique page templates with a built-in text editor. It also offers hosting.

Manage Shopify CMS updates

Shopify’s CMS is an e-commerce platform with a streamlined interface that lets you add and manage content on your Shopify web-store’s website and mobile app.

Updating your Shopify CMS will allow you to:

  • Use interactive Shopify CMS admin interface panel
  • Design e-commerce site with professional tools
  • Use fully customised templates
  • Take complete control of your e-commerce site’s HTML and CSS
  • Layout website content with flexibility
  • Add and edit products list
  • Link images to your products
  • Track product prices and inventory
  • Track payment and shipping status
  • Searching with keywords
  • Get real-time notifications on desktop (RSS) and mobile device (SMS)
  • Send e-mails to your customers
  • Discuss new tips and strategies on our online forums page

Reliable backup management for your Shopify CMS

The need for backing up your Shopify store and information is essential and can save you from any unpredictable or unwanted uncertainties.

Our experts at Code XOXO render 24/7 backup services for your Shopify. We will help you backup your Shopify e-commerce site and vital information periodically and also allow you to fetch information whenever you need them.

Get help from Code XOXO for backing up your data on the cloud server today.

Shopify store tech support and maintenance

The Shopify e-commerce platform will make your online business grow substantially. Our Shopify experts at Code XOXO can assist you in maintaining all the minor and major aspects of your e-commerce website. For this, we are just a phone call away. So, why wait when you have all the help from us? Give us a call any time and experience the benefits of our Shopify technical support and maintenance services.

  • Web-store setup
  • Catalogue management
  • Product image editing
  • Site maintenance
  • Theme customisation
  • Application integration
  • Diagnose issues and performance
  • Updates to Shopify website
  • Expert task handling
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • 24/7 technical support availability

We provide you the best services for your Shopify online store.

Shopify App and Theme updates

Code XOXO updates your Shopify themes and app with the latest versions. The new versions of themes can be used on your Shopify e-commerce website, while also providing a great solution to eradicate bugs that may cause abnormal functionalities when performing tasks.

If you haven’t updated your Shopify store’s website with the release of new themes for quite a long time, it is time for you to get one now. Update your Shopify website with a new theme today and you get:

  • Themes built with simplicity and responsiveness
  • Fresh design and looks to your Shopify e-commerce website
  • Preview theme before installation
  • One-click theme download
  • Easy navigation to product pages
  • Updated product content and information
  • Refined code
  • Compatibility
  • Support for themes

24/7 Shopify web-store security monitoring

Keeping your Shopify web-store safe and secured is our primary concern. Selling products to your customers online involves the process of storing details of your customers and products which are critical. You cannot afford to lose these vital data at any cost.

Therefore, Code XOXO provides 24/7 security monitoring services to help protect your data from becoming vulnerable to unwanted cyber attacks.

Protection against online attacks

The internet cannot be guaranteed with security. There are a lot of cyber-criminals who disguise themselves and perform illegal activities and take away your digital data, if you accidentally allow them access.

Since, millions of individuals shop online on a daily basis, the risk of cyber threat also increases rapidly. Thus, to cope with this, the experts at Code XOXO provides security measures and help you keep your Shopify web-store resistant to such vulnerable attacks, so that your customers can safely visit your online store, view and purchase products and make online payments without having nothing to worry about.


Contact our Shopify experts today and protect your online store from many risks that may steal and cause damage to your web-store and information like:

  • Identity theft
  • Debit and credit card details
  • Customer accounts
  • Financial data
  • Passwords
  • Online payment processes

Do not become a victim of cyber-crime. Consult with our experts today before it’s too late.

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