Shopify is a great e-commerce platform for millions of retailers and entrepreneurs who seek to own a multi-functionality online store.

Your Shopify store’s website, like any other software on a computer system, requires maintenance in order to function properly and for longer periods of time. If your business relies on your online store, it is important that you understand the impact it may bring to your business if, say, your site fails to render certain functions, such as allowing customers to checkout products via shopping cart. This may cause to lose sales, customers and eventually, your business. You probably wouldn’t want this to happen.


Why Code XOXO For Support and Maintenance

The need for having a well-maintained e-commerce site for your Shopify store arises when things start getting messy or goes beyond your control.

At Code XOXO, we take effective measures to keep your e-commerce site in control as well as user-friendly. This is what we do and this is what our support experts excel at. Our works are the proof of our expertise. We have also served many clients and our clients have appreciated our support and maintenance services without any regrets.

So, here’s your chance, too!

Get in touch with our Shopify support experts to aid you in running your e-commerce website with zero problems. We operate 24/7 and can be reached via phone and e-mail.

Our Shopify experts focus on the core as well as minor aspects of your web-store’s site, leaving nothing ignored.

How We Maintain Your Shopify Store’s Website

Your online business is crucial and every minute counts.

At Code XOXO, our support experts take complete pride in their expertise and help you fix things quickly and efficiently.

Our support and maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Website design maintenance

    If you find any problems with your store’s website, our support experts at Code XOXO can be reached to assist you.

  • Functionality

    Avoid unwanted obstacles in your Shopify store website’s functionality. Our team of experts carefully analyses the pitfalls and other affected areas and resolves them quickly.

  • Integrated apps

    We help you manage third-party integrated apps in your Shopify e-commerce site and create a balance between the resource-hungry services and operations.

  • Downtime monitoring

    Keeping your e-commerce site up and running consistently is essential. Our downtime monitoring services allow in identifying what possible sectors have difficulties in operating or has malfunctioned.

  • Optimise performance

    The fundamental step of our maintenance services is to ensure that your Shopify e-commerce website is error-free and optimised to perform at the highest possible limit, without affecting other functions or the design of your web-store’s site.

  • Backup and data restore

    Our data backup and recovery services allow you to keep all your critical data on a secured cloud storage server, which can be easily viewed and accessed from any where and using any device.

Get regular maintenance services for your Shopify e-commerce store with a simple phone call or e-mail. Our support experts at Code XOXO can help you rectify any minor or critical faults which you experience when using your e-commerce website on various devices. Contact our help desk centre for availing maintenance and support services round the clock.

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