Setting Up Your Online Store With Shopify At Code XOXO

Become a part of over hundreds of brands worldwide. With Shopify, your store will enter into a new realm that is alleviated with modern technology and the power of the internet.

Access your Shopify store setup right from your desktop or smartphone and take your e-commerce to the path to growth and productivity. We can help you to start it quickly. At Code XOXO, you will experience the possibilities of improving your online business with a multi-functional e-store and the use of advanced tools.

Setting Up Your Online store

Our developers at Code XOXO create professional Shopify e-store that allow you to sell products to a large number of customers and on a global scale. Adding the Shopify Shopping Cart to your e-store further enhances your sales operation. If you don’t have an e-commerce store or are planning on starting one, our Shopify support experts at Code XOXO are here to assist you with effective solutions.

We render industry’s best services 24 hours, while also offering you the best support experience. Reach us day and night and do not let your online business to merely remain a dream. We can help you fulfill this dream.

Contact our Shopify support experts today and know how we can help you get started with Shopify store. Our support experts at Code XOXO can be reached via phone, live chat and through our support e-mail. You may also visit our community support pages to find more information.

How We Set-up Your Shopify Store

Shopify is supported on various operating system platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. So, no matter which computer or electronic device you have, there is nothing that is going to stop you from starting an e-commerce store with Shopify. Sell as many commodities you can and grow your customers and sales substantially.

At Code XOXO, our support experts can quickly prepare you with your Shopify store. It’s totally hassle-free and saves you plenty of time. It’s even more cost-effective than your broadband connection, if you imagine that.

Setting up your Shopify store includes:

  • Store set up and configuration

    Our developers at Code XOXO assist you in setting up your Shopify store and configuring the necessary settings to your needs.

  • Host web server

    Connect your Shopify store with a web host and make your e-store website visible to customers on the internet across the globe.

  • Install themes

    Add some style and uniqueness to your Shopify store’s website with a vast collection of pre-built and custom themes which you can easily find at Code XOXO.

  • Theme customisation

    Customise your Shopify store’s website theme by changing fonts, colours, layouts, add media and much more without needing advanced technical skills.

  • Add products to store

    Stock your Shopify store’s inventory with photos of product items that you want to sell to customers online.

  • Organise product category

    Keep your stock of products organised in categories and regularly updated. Make your products be easily viewed and purchased by customers who visit your Shopify store online.

  • Add menus and information

    Make your Shopify store display details about products and other necessary information to customers when viewing product items on your e-store’s website.

  • Add navigation links

    Provide access to products, its images, information, price, delivery and much more by adding navigation links of various pages right on Shopify store website’s homepage.

  • Add social media links

    Expand your e-commerce by including popular social media links to your Shopify store and attract more customers to view and purchase products.

  • Add shopping cart

    Allow customers to purchase products in small and large quantities on your Shopify store’s website, accept payment through various methods and deliver commodities to customers.

  • Shopify app for mobile platform

    Increase your chances of boosting sales with the Shopify app for mobile device platforms and eventually grow your customers.

  • Shipping

    Make shipping easier and set low on the cost of hiring carrier services when dispatching products to customers.

Shopify benefits

Benefits You Get By Using Shopify Store

Shopify store lets you carry out all the essential tasks and also includes additional functions. It will help you increase sales as well as your overall e-commerce experience.

Shopify store gives you these benefits:

  • No technical skills required
  • Custom themes and templates
  • Third-party applications integration
  • Shopify store customization
  • Handle bulk sales of products
  • 24/7 Support and maintenance

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