Migrating to Shopify Plus gives your e-commerce business a highly scaled and manageable platform. Through this e-commerce platform, you can reduce your infrastructure cost.

Seeking a change in your e-commerce platform does not come quite easily. It largely depends on the requirements of your online business. Many entrepreneurs who own an e-commerce store in other platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, etc., may feel the need for migrating to a more feature-rich e-commerce platform.


At Code XOXO, our team of certified support experts assist you with quick and easy migration of your current web store to Shopify Plus and vice versa. If you are considering of switching to Shopify Plus, you are making a very important decision. The decision also outlines the business goals and growth opportunities of your e-commerce industry.

Migrating to Shopify Plus Store With Code XOXO

Shopify Plus is the elaborated e-commerce platform that lets you carry out your online business more efficiently. Thus, through a combination of advanced tools, migrating your web store to Shopify Plus becomes an easy process.

Are you ready to start the journey of switching to the Shopify Plus e-commerce platform? See how our experts does it for you. The migration process from other platforms to Shopify Plus involves the transferring of these items and their data:

  • Website and data

    We migrate your complete e-commerce website as well as all of its related data, which include logo, images, website content, themes, extensions or modules, database etc., to the Shopify Plus store.

  • Products

    Easily move products from your current e-commerce store to Shopify Plus, or let our experts assist you with the procedure. After the successful transition, you will be able to import products and their corresponding segments such as category, title, description, tags, price, images, inventory, etc.

  • Orders

    This includes general information about orders that have been placed by customers. The migration of orders such as customer details, billing address, currency, shipping address, product status, quantity, availability, total cost, etc.

  • Customers

    Quickly import your customers’ data to your Shopify Plus e-commerce store. These data include customer name, e-mail, phone number, shipping address, tags, notes, etc.

  • Tax details

    Transferring your tax details includes data such as name, value, currency type and other details about the type of taxes that are assigned for the products sold on your e-commerce store.


    Our experts easily moves your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and/or customer relationship management (CRM) software system tools and integrates them to your Shopify Plus store so as to carry out business management operations.

We Import All Data To Shopify Plus Store

All data imported to your Shopify Plus store by our experts are risk-free. Thus, you do not have to worry as there is no loss of crucial data during the migration process. After completing the migration process, your data from the previous e-commerce store are moved securely and are organised in an effective manner, without affecting other data or information.

Product category

All items in the product category are imported to the Shopify Plus e-commerce store and organised in collections.

Product variants

We import product variants data to your Shopify Plus e-commerce store. The product data like policies, tax, stock, prices, etc., are imported to your Shopify Plus store.

Product reviews

We import product reviews after migrating all the data to your Shopify Plus e-commerce store.

Benefits of Migrating to Shopify Plus

See the various benefits that you get after migrating to the Shopify Plus e-commerce platform.

  • The hosted e-commerce solution saves you from the trouble of installation
  • Is light weight and loads faster
  • Shopify Plus store is highly customisable
  • Easily switch between in-built and custom design templates
  • Use own payment gateway for processing payments online
  • Accept payment in various methods
  • Integrated shipping for easier dispatching of products
  • Pre-included Abandoned cart recovery feature
  • Integrated social media platforms for promoting products
  • SEO tools for increasing website ranking
  • Content marketing functionality
  • Integration of various apps to enhance your online business
  • Compatible with mobile platform
  • 24/7 support and maintenance

Contact our Shopify experts for assistance with migrating your e-commerce store to Shopify Plus. Our experts are available round the clock to guide you through the migration process.

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