Where does your Shopify store stand when it comes to performance? If you are struggling with your e-commerce store’s lagging performance, it’s time you give your online store some improvement.

Find the best solutions round the clock at Code XOXO, where you will get a long-lasting experience. Our support experts can guide you all the way through vivifying your Shopify e-commerce store. So, worry less and focus more on growing your online business. Let us handle the rest.

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Need Help Speeding Up Your Shopify Store?

We transform your slow e-commerce store into one that performs more quickly and responsibly than before.

Our Shopify support experts at Code XOXO carry out a complete check of issues and other problems which may be causing your e-commerce store to slow down. With the use of advanced tools and the expertise of the support experts at Code XOXO, your web-store will function at its peak.

Here are some of the important segments that are included when carrying out the necessary diagnosis and optimisation practices by our Shopify support experts at Code XOXO.

  • Store analysis
  • Website usability test
  • Estimate potential speed gain
  • Theme optimisation
  • Improve website loading time
  • Better page rendering
  • Encapsulate images to display quickly
  • Audit and optimise shopping cart
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Search engine optimisation for better traffic and website ranking
  • Optimise Javascript and CSS
  • Remove or modify scripts
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Modify templates to use scaled images
  • Code compression
  • Speed up back office database
  • Remove unwanted apps
  • Additional technical measures undertaken to optimise website

We speed up your Shopify store by reducing the bounce rates and further increasing your e-commerce store’s conversion rates.

Don’t get caught up if you are facing speed-related issues with your Shopify e-commerce store. Contact our support experts at Code XOXO immediately. Our adept experts are available 24/7 to assist you at every step.


Embrace A Faster Shopify Store

Getting rid of the annoying slow performance of your Shopify e-commerce store will help you run your online business more smoothly. After carrying out complete analysis and optimisation, your e-commerce website will start to show improvements effectively in responsiveness and various functions, both on desktop and mobile devices.

Have more visitors to your e-commerce store with optimized SEO ranking, which is very crucial in increasing your sales and perhaps, growing your online business as a whole.

At Code XOXO, we are determined to render one of the industry’s leading support services to help you nurture your Shopify store. Get in touch with our support experts any time to help you around with your e-commerce store.

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