Why is Shopify integration necessary?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that gives your online business a more futuristic experience. It allows you to automate various processes of your online store very quickly and effectively. With the Shopify integration solutions from Code XOXO, you can easily link your online store, inventory, sell product items and manage additional business operations.

The e-commerce business is growing rapidly and new trends are being adopted by many entrepreneurs. These trends help such entrepreneurs to increase their sales and further grow their business seamlessly.

shopify integration

There is no doubt that you can integrate several applications with Shopify to uplift your e-commerce store. Our developers at Code XOXO makes the Shopify integration possible for your online store. We also keep in mind the security and safety so that you do not have to worry and simply focus on your business.

Pre-built Shopify integration solutions for leading ERPs like NetSuite and Dynamics AX

You can enhance your e-commerce business with the help of our pre-built Shopify integration solutions which you can get at Code XOXO. Contact our developers to help you integrate Shopify with the leading ERPs.

The Shopify e-commerce platform gives your business a platform. Here you can integrate your web store with various enterprise resource planning software systems. Such as the Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERPs.

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) business process management software allow you to use integrated applications for managing you online business and automating back office functions, which includes marketing, finance, services, sales, technology and human resources.

Shopify and Oracle NetSuite ERP integration

Shopify e-commerce platform integration with the NetSuite enterprise resource planning cloud computing and customer relationship management (CRM) lets you manage your business finances, operations and customer relations from a single place.

You also get plenty of benefits that help you get more out of your online store using the Shopify e-commerce platform integrated with the Oracle NetSuite ERP software system.


The features offered to you when integrating the NetSuite ERP with the Shopify e-commerce store include:

  • Automatically sync orders and customer data
  • Export existing customers and order history
  • Import billing information for each sales order
  • Allow placing of recurring orders
  • Provide multiple payment gateways
  • Accept multiple currencies for products sold
  • Maintain products in your inventory
  • Increased efficiency
  • Generate invoice for products sold
  • Export shipping details
microsoft dynamic

Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP integration

Dynamics AX is an on-premises and cloud-based ERP solutions for your back-end e-commerce business. Integrating the Dynamics AX ERP with the Shopify e-commerce platform allow you for an effective communication with the software system.

Our developers at Code XOXO can help you build a fully automated business process and integrate the software system for your online store. With a seamless and cloud-based integration, you can easily reduce resource requirements and investing in costly infrastructure.

What you also get here are:

  • A fully managed solution that handles your e-commerce effectively
  • Web-based application for managing your business data
  • Automated data integration.
  • Multi-platform support
  • 24/7 customer support services

Custom integration between Shopify and third-party applications and systems

Running your Shopify web store as a stand-alone platform may also require some custom applications, like the third-party applications, for an improved business experience.

Our developers at Code XOXO also gives you the benefits of custom integration of the Shopify e-commerce platform with various third-party applications of your online business.

You get the ability to sync products, orders and customers with ERPs, CRMs and databases. Our customised solutions make it possible for you to achieve your objectives with the integration of the Shopify e-commerce website solution platform. You can link over hundreds of third-party applications with Shopify and increase your business operations.

  • Integrate Shopify Wishlist and increase conversions

    Integrating the Shopify Wishlist to your online store gives your customers the opportunity to mark all their favourite product items which they can purchase at a later time. All the items marked for being sold later are stored in a centralised location. Having a Shopify Wishlist as an additional application integrated with Shopify for your web store can help you increase your sales and conversions.

  • Get your web store noticed with the SEO Manager

    The importance of the search engine optimisation (SEO) manager tool is that it gives your Shopify web store higher rankings when searched by persons on the internet via the most popular and widely used search engine Google.

    Our developers at Code XOXO integrates the SEO Manager tool with your Shopify web store and make your website visible to millions of visitors from all parts of the world.

  • Boost traffic with SocialShopWave app suite

    Similar to getting your Shopify web store noticed and ranked on popular search engines, there is also an application which can be integrated with Shopify e-commerce platform to boost your traffic on the social media.

    SocialShopWave app suite includes all the social apps such as social sharing, personalised shopping, social media login, reviews, feeds, etc.

  • Sync data with the Triggers app

    Our developers at Code XOXO will guide you in setting up the Triggers app into your Shopify web store and you can automatically sync data. It includes creating new orders, updating customer records, creating a new product item and much more.

Shopify payment gateway integration

Selling products to customers on your Shopify web store require you to accept payments online and offline. Payments can be accepted in the form of debit or credit cards, net banking, wired transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal as well as through Shopify Payments.

Integrating a payment gateway system into your Shopify e-commerce store will create an opportunity for you to accept payments without any difficulty. Our developers at Code XOXO will setup Shopify Payments along with a secondary payment method, such as PayPal. So that neither you nor your consumers face any problems when sending and receiving payments for the product items sold.


Shopify Payments is Shopify’s payment gateway through which payments for products sold can be accepted from consumers who are located in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia.

Shopify app development and integration

Grow your online business with the Shopify e-commerce platform. Our developers at Code XOXO provide application development services for your e-commerce websites, along with other services which include:

  • Shopify web store setup
  • Website customisation
  • Template design
  • Applications integration
  • Custom theme design
  • Data migration
  • App hosting for Shopify web store
  • Automated inventory management
  • Updates for Shopify
  • Integration of payment gateway with Shopify
  • Warehouse integration for Shopify
  • ERP and CRM software systems integration
  • Integration of Shopify apps with marketing trends

We render industry-compliant services for your Shopify e-commerce store. Simply contact us and speak directly with out developers at Code XOXO any time.

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