The Shopify e-commerce website development and Shopify customisation services are rendered by professional developers at Code XOXO. Shopify is a popular and widely used e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Having a web-store diversifies your online business. The Shopify web-store can easily fulfill this. You can sell your products, or any merchandise to customers through this demanding web-store service. It is also built with security, so you can safely accept different methods of payment online from your customers. Getting a Shopify web-store site and mobile application for your online business is neither a hassle nor expensive.

shopify customisation

Code XOXO makes it easy and possible for you to get a Shopify web-store, so you can sell your products online to customers who are located at different parts of the world. The developers provide custom Shopify app development services to entrepreneurs and many business owners of various e-commerce industries.

How Shopify web-store can grow your online business

Shopify has been here for more than a decade as well as plays a vital role in the success of online business in the e-commerce market.

If you own an e-commerce store and trade merchandise to your customers, you will experience the robustness this e-commerce platform has and notice how it takes your business to the path of success with no burden of cost, time and energy.

Shopify gives your online business an opportunity to grow substantially by offering you tonnes of features and functionalities that are capable of performing multiple tasks for you and makes your business a lot easier. Apart from this, the Shopify e-commerce platform has plenty of advantages that makes it worth the choice.

Shopify web store

Custom Shopify app development

The Shopify app is an amazing tool to take your business on the internet. We create several projects for our clients and give you a path where you can expand your online business. With the customised Shopify application, which is supported on all devices – desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet, makes it ideal for selling your products to a large number of individuals from any geographic region.

Custom Shopify app development services by Code XOXO helps in enriching your online business through the following ways:

  • Flexibility

    Our designers and developers create industry-compliant e-commerce platform application for your web-store that can adapt to the modern technology. The app can also be further get customise to suit your business needs. It gives you complete flexibility and peace of mind.

  • Security

    Once you have the Shopify app for your web-store, you will not have to worry about security. It is protected with high-end encryption technology. So, whether you are running the Shopify app on a PC, Mac, smartphone or a tablet device, all the information are secured as well as not easily compromised.

  • Customised design templates

    You may feel the need of having a different appearance of your Shopify web-store app. It can be the design, layout, images, content, navigation control buttons, links to products page, selection of colours, font type, etc. Our developers at Code XOXO build numerous custom templates that you can choose from and give your Shopify e-commerce store an elegant touch.

  • Cross-platform mobility

    Building the Shopify app that is supported on all operating system platforms is also what we deeply care for. Keeping pace with new technology and devices encourage us to make develop applications that can we can use on cross-platform devices. Any person, who uses a computer or a hand-held device can find and purchase products from your Shopify web-store app.

  • Reliability

    The development of the Shopify application for your e-commerce store also significantly focuses on its reliability to give you a long lasting and satisfying experience. The application is developed carefully by the professional developers at Code XOXO and is tested prior to its release. So, you can count on it.

  • 24/7 customer support

    When you have a query about anything with regards to your Shopify web-store app, we can help you with solutions. Our customer support service can guide you round the clock. We are available whenever you need us.

Shopify app integration

Shopify app integration and setup

Setting up the Shopify app does not require much effort. The app can be easily integrated with your e-commerce store that will add more flexibility and functionalities to your online business. In addition to this, you can also have many third-party applications easily integrated with your Shopify web-store.

  • App development, integration and setup services
  • Plenty of functions are offered for your Shopify web-store
  • Easily integrate third-party e-mail app such as MailChimp and send e-mails to your vendors and customers
  • Enable shipping of products to customers.
  • Automated synchronisation of products in your store’s inventory.
  • Integrate warehouse
  • Mark customers who are offered products at wholesale rates
  • Track orders dispatched and get notified
  • Product checkout
  • Integrate ERP and CRM e-commerce tools
  • Allow delivery of merchandise based on customers’ region and postal code.

Shopify extensions and modules

Code XOXO also provides a wide array of extensions and app modules for your Shopify web-store. These extensions and modules are plug-ins that make your e-commerce business efficient. With the help of the plug-ins, you can easily improve your marketing, sales and social media strategy. Simply contact our developers and get the desired extensions that you need for your e-commerce store.

Adding extensions to your Shopify web-store gives you additional functions through which you carry out many operations that can help grow your business on the internet. The extensions and modules are developed and made available for various categories, such as:

  • Admin tools
  • Search traffic and ranking
  • Marketing
  • Discounted products
  • Advertisements and promotions

You will find smartly developed app modules and extensions at Code XOXO.

Shopify extensions

We create fully supported Shopify e-commerce extensions and modules

You can have additional tools which can be integrated with your Shopify e-commerce store app that will enhance your business activities. The developers at Code XOXO constantly creates and maintains integrators for the Shopify app. You can reach them any time to get the desired extensions you want and integrate app modules for improving your business.

There are many extensions which you can use in your Shopify web-store. Some of the extensively used extensions and modules you can get at Code XOXO are:

  • eBay Shopify integration app

    A very useful extension for Shopify store owners to connect with the eBay online marketplace. It offers a lot of features and management functions on a user-friendly interface. Updating your products based on their profile and adding multiple shipping methods are some of the app’s unique features.

  • Flash Sale Shopify integration app

    Promote time-limited product sales with this app. Many Shopify web-store owners may want to offer their products for flash sale during festivals and other special days. So, to have you broaden your product promotion which are up for a flash sale, our developers can guide you through integrating the Flash Sale app to your Shopify web-store.

  • Exit Pop-up Shopify integration app

    Offer your online customers an interactive subscription sign-up message whenever your customers visit your Shopify web-store. Our developers can help in integrating the Exit pop-up module with your Shopify e-commerce app.

  • Review Incentive Shopify integration app

    Get valuable reviews from customers and boost the ratings of your products with the Review Incentive module for your Shopify web-store. You can also offer incentives or gifts as a reward for reviewing your products that you sell to your customers through the Shopify e-commerce store.

  • Kit Shopify integration app

    You can attract new visitors through social media network with Kit that acts as your digital marketing expert. The module lets you display personalised advertisements on various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., and drive your sales to higher levels

  • Walmart Shopify integration app

    Expand your e-commerce business by synchronising Shopify web-store with the Walmart marketplace module. Manage your inventory and upload product items in bulk. You get an admin panel that allow you to carry out such tasks efficiently.

You can contact our developers at Code XOXO to help in getting the modules integrated with your Shopify web-store app.

Shopify theme customisation

Giving a new look to your Shopify web-store is possible with the help of customised themes which you can get at Code XOXO.

The developers at Code XOXO not only create feature-rich website, but also make custom themes available for your Shopify web-store. You can choose from a wide variety of custom themes from our repository that suits your taste.

What you get with custom Shopify themes

A customised e-commerce website for your Shopify web-store improves the appearance of its interface, while giving you easy navigation to functionalities as in the default-themed website.


Support and maintenance


Fully hosted


SEO friendly


Fully integrated

Device compatibility

Automated updates


Custom theme design and layout

Shopify custom theme support

Any e-commerce business that owns Shopify web-store can reach out to our developers and customer support for assistance.

Avail our customer support services without any hassle. We are here to help you with:

  • Shopify e-commerce website development
  • Customised theme layout and integration
  • Shopify web-store app development
  • Custom templates integration
  • Cross-platform theme development
  • Third-party app integration
Theme support

Contact Code XOXO for any assistance with your Shopify web-store and application integration. You can also e-mail any queries which you might have and our customer support help desk will get to you right away.

Get solutions and consultation that can help you grow your business in the e-commerce market.

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