We render industry-compliant services in e-commerce platforms – from designing and development to mobile application and integration services.

Our Shopify developers at Code XOXO build unique and custom apps that can transform your e-commerce business in the online marketplace. Give your customers a seamless experience when viewing and purchasing products right from your Shopify e-commerce store’s website and mobile app.


The Shopify store app for mobile platform keeps your customers engaged with its responsive design and functionality. Our core Shopify app development services include:

  • App development
  • UX/UI design
  • Template design
  • Site customisation
  • Custom API integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Automated inventory synchronisation
  • Warehouse and supplier integration
  • Shopify app hosting
  • Custom check-out
  • App management
  • ERP/CRM integration
  • Data migration
  • Support and maintenance

If you already own a Shopify e-commerce store, our developers can help you revamp your Shopify store that suits your business requirements.

See The Benefits of Shopify App Integration

Shopify app integration gives you these many benefits to help you take your business further along the path to success.

  • Seamless integration
  • Efficient operations
  • Sharing among peers
  • Advanced logistics
  • Secure transactions
  • No transaction fees
  • Data integration
  • No loss of information
  • Unlimited product storage
  • Synchronise data of products, price, customers, etc.
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Supports geographic locations, languages and currencies

Our Stand-alone Solutions Is Undoubtedly AGame Changer

Our developers at Code XOXO create intelligently designed apps for your Shopify store that are cloud-based and easy to sync across multiple devices. In addition to these, the apps are portable as well. So, you have nothing to worry over integrating the app to your Shopify e-commerce store when using a mobile device.

  • Save time with easy app integration

    With a simple and powerful app integration management, the entire process becomes easy. A simple yet powerful integration solutions eliminates all the hectic tasks when running your e-commerce business.

  • Reduce errors

    Avoid unwanted errors and data duplicates so as to allow your customers to have a smooth shopping experience through your Shopify app on their mobile devices.

  • Better insights

    Shopify app gives you a smarter and better insight in integrating and managing your e-commerce store across various mobile platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android.

  • Customised app integration

    Manage your e-commerce business with our customised app integration solutions that is flexible and easy to customise.

  • Admin API

    We build apps for Shopify e-commerce website admin that allow you to take full control of your e-commerce store and business management.

  • Custom storefronts

    We develop unique Shopify e-commerce storefronts that gives your customers better experience on the web as well as on mobile devices.

  • Embed apps

    We help you integrate apps to your Shopify store through which you can carry out your e-commerce business smoothly and effectively.

  • Dedicated customer support

    Shopify store owners get dedicated customer support services 24/7. You can avail these services to enhance the functionality of your Shopify e-commerce website and app. The support experts guide you throughout the process efficiently.

If you need additional help with integrating the app to your Shopify store, our support experts are here to assist you with the integration procedure. The support experts are available round the clock to guide you around with our world-class services.

Simply get in touch with our Shopify developers at Code XOXO to avail all the help you need for your Shopify ecommerce store development and app integration into various mobile operating platforms.

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