Take Your Shopify Store Beyond Limits With Apps

Apps let you bring more functions to your Shopify store and make your e-commerce store stand apart from the rest in terms of functionality.

Starting a new e-commerce store with Shopify gives you a lot of features through which you can sell products, engage customers, increase sales, manage your store and much more. It is a great e-commerce platform to start with.

Shopify is a chosen e-commerce platform among millions of entrepreneurs and retailers who aspire to establish their store on the Internet.


It gives you a broader scope in achieving your business goals without any hassle. There are thousands of apps available that help you fulfil your tasks efficiently. Get the desired app for your Shopify e-commerce store, or contact our support experts at Code XOXO to guide you. Our support experts assist you with the installation and even walk you through in enhancing the functionality of your chosen apps to work error-free on your Shopify store.

Do not limit the power of your Shopify store. Download apps from Shopify Store that gives your additional tools to carry out your online business in a very effective way.

Laud Your Shopify Store With In-built and Custom Themes

Themes are easy to customise and are compatible with the latest version of your Shopify e-commerce store as well. Created with rich and quality designs, the themes encompass a wide range of beautifully crafted and elegant style that gives an engaging appearance to your Shopify store.

There are a lot of things that you can do with themes when installed on your Shopify e-commerce store. Plus, if you need assistance working around with various themes, our experts at Code XOXO can be contacted any time.

Our experts specialise in developing themes for your e-commerce store and even customise them to suit your needs and style. Each theme that is developed and customised by our certified developers provide sleek design and navigation control functionality.

If you want to change the way your Shopify store’s website looks and behaves, trying out a few popular themes can really make a big difference. The most advantageous reason of using themes on your e-commerce website is that they do not take much space and have little or no dependencies on system resources. So, it’s completely safe to use themes. Also, it does not affect the performance of your online store’s website. Thus, when customers view your website, they are charmed with its beautiful appearance.

Try our themes today! Contact our experts to help you get the best themes for your Shopify store and get captivated with the excellent designs and performance-oriented functionality.

  • Designed and custom themes for your online store
  • Preview themes before adding to your Shopify e-commerce website
  • Download free and premium themes from Shopify theme store
  • Configure themes
  • Add or remove themes
  • Organise themes
  • Customise themes
  • Publish themes
  • Update theme to the latest version with theme updater
  • Automatic and manual updating of themes

Give your Shopify e-commerce store a more amazing appearance with a wide range of colourful themes that will look appealing to your eyes. There are various themes which are designed and developed to work perfectly on your e-commerce website.

Themes are properly tested and run before they are ready to be installed on your e-commerce website. This ensures any glitches from causing incorrect alignments or website rendering when used on your Shopify store.

Why Code XOXO for Apps and Themes Update Support

At Code XOXO, we endeavour to give you the best solutions on the fly. Our Shopify experts render assistance and lets you experience industry-compliant services which are one of a kind. We have helped over hundreds of online retailers and entrepreneurs with our professional support services day and night.

Here’s how we help you with our best services and cater to your business needs.

  • Preserves theme customisation with every update
  • Ensures that you have the latest features and bug fixes
  • 100% compatibility with your Shopify e-commerce website
  • Let you stay up to date with the latest release of themes and apps
  • Plenty of bug fixes with every app and theme release
  • Optimise themes to work correctly
  • Round the clock support for themes and apps
  • 24/7 consultation services from our experts

If you are seeking help with apps and themes for your Shopify store, let our experts assist you. We are available and can be easily reached via phone and e-mail support services.

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