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The e-commerce industry is growing at a fast pace. New start-ups and existing businesses are entering the online trade business to sell their products faster and reach out to a large number of customers on the internet.

To sell products online, you will need an e-commerce website. Do not worry by the thought of struggling with programming codes just to build an e-commerce website for yourself. Or, paying huge amounts of money to someone for creating a website for you that does not fulfill all the functions of an actual e-commerce website.

Shopify Developer

Instead of struggling here and there, making efforts and spending time, you can have a fully-operational 

e-commerce website built for you in a short span of time. Yes, that’s right!

The developers at Code XOXO can help you get started with Shopify e-commerce store that you dream for and wish to own. Code XOXO caters to your business needs and lets you hire professional Shopify developers who can work with dedication on your project. You can hire Shopify developer on an hourly, part time or full time schedule.

See how our Shopify developers can help you get started with Shopify web-store

The developers at Code XOXO have been serving many clients over the years and have been constantly presenting them with brilliant projects. You can count on us and leave your worries to us. Our experienced developers have the capability to handle tasks at hand.

Starting an e-commerce store via the Shopify platform is a choice of many entrepreneurs today. Simply contact us via phone, live chat or e-mail, provide us your requirements and our developers will do the rest for you.

When building a Shopify web-store for your online business, here are the things which you get that will let you run your e-commerce store on the internet using any electronic device.

  • E-commerce website

    Your website and online store where you can sell branded merchandise or utility commodities to customers. The website can be accessed on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

  • Domain name

    You get a registered domain or web address through which online shoppers can visit your site, view and purchase merchandise.

  • Themes

    You can give a different look to your website with custom themes that fits your style. We have plenty of custom themes that you can choose from and make your web-store more appealing.

  • Online shopping cart

    The online shopping cart plug-in for your Shopify web-store that lets your customers use the standard checkout and recurring payments when purchasing merchandise or multiple products from your online store.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    CMS is your web-based tool that lets you control all the digital content, such as text, graphics, images, videos, audio and other information from the application’s front-end and user-friendly interface.

  • Payment gateway

    Accept various methods of payment online and safely with a payment gateway service when customers purchase products from your Shopify web-store.

  • E-commerce hosting

    Your Shopify web-store can be visited by customers from various locations with the help of its global servers that are fast and reliable.

  • SEO Management and marketing

    Let your Shopify web-store’s presence be seen by people everywhere on the internet. The search engine optimisation (SEO) aids in ranking your website which can be easily displayed on various popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • Shopify’s shopping cart for mobile

    Give your customers the flexibility to view and purchase products from their smartphones and tablets from any location via the shopping cart for mobile e-commerce. The shopping cart updates products automatically, so your customers can view the latest merchandise on your Shopify web-store.

  • Get product reviews and feedback from customers

    Suggest your customers to post their opinions, ratings and feedback on your Shopify e-commerce website and mobile app upon purchasing merchandise.

  • Include blogs

    Give your Shopify web-store an extra functionality, that is, presenting blogs to your visitors and customers. Blogs can provide latest news, product updates and any information which you want to share with people who visit your Shopify web-store site and app from their devices.

  • Cloud backup

    Easily backup your vital information on a secured cloud storage and access the data wherever you are.

  • Periodic updates for your Shopify web-store

    Keep your Shopify web-store running smoothly by receiving necessary updates. The updates get released from time to time, or you can have our developers at Code XOXO carry out the updates for you quickly.

Once you have these, there’s nothing stopping you from owning and managing your Shopify web-store via website and on mobile app. Plus, you have us whenever you require assistance. You can contact the developers at Code XOXO round the clock to guide you with any task so that you can grow your e-commerce business efficiently.

Code XOXO’s Shopify web-store is your one-stop destination

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform that builds your online store. Our developers at Code XOXO can take care of the development process, while you simply select a theme, customise your site, add products and begin processing your customers’ credit cards right away! So, starting with a Shopify web-store is not at all a difficult process.

Check out the additional functions which can be easily undertaken to enhance your Shopify e-commerce store.

  • Responsive Shopify website design and development
  • Creative coding (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and more)
  • Shopify theme development
  • Custom Shopify templates
  • Shopify module development
  • Shopify API integration
  • Custom Shopify development
  • Shopify inventory modules

Grow your business with Shopify. If you need any assistance for managing your e-commerce website. The experts at Code XOXO are always available to assist you.

Why wait when you have plenty of opportunities? If you have the determination to become a successful entrepreneur. Then let Shopify help you accomplish what you want to achieve.

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