Custom Shopify App Development

Make your e-commerce store run better with our Shopify app development services. We help hundreds of merchants fulfil their business goals by providing multi-purpose custom apps for their Shopify e-commerce stores.


Our custom apps offer enhanced features, plug-ins and services for your Shopify store. We help you:

  • Develop apps which are needed for your Shopify web store
  • Install apps in your Shopify e-commerce website
  • Configure app preferences to function accurately with your Shopify store
  • Analyse and test apps to make their operations certain
  • Run diagnostics of apps that may be causing problems
  • On demand support services round the clock from professionals

Social Sharing

Have your online store be known by a large number of visitors on the internet. You can boost your e-commerce website traffic by encouraging customers to share your Shopify cart through various social media platforms.

Announcement Bar

If you are up-selling products to customers, this app can help you motivate sales. Also, it provides a countdown timer for having greater chances of persuading customers to purchase products from your Shopify store.

Wishlist Advance

Customers of your Shopify store do not require to login in order to share their wishlist with their friends and other people. This creates more scope of making your online store known to a lot more users on the internet.

Sales Booster – Show Real Time Sales

Get a faster way to view your sales with the Sales Booster app. It lets you  see recent orders and real time sales right from the front end of your Shopify e-commerce store.

Launch Your Shopify Store With Code XOXO’s Custom App Development Solutions

Code XOXO develops custom e-commerce apps for the Shopify e-commerce platform. Our custom apps are designed to help Shopify store owners increase their sales. We have specialised teams of designers, developers, online marketers and support experts that makes Code XOXO world’s leading experts for Shopify e-commerce solutions. We also specialise in various other e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, etc.

Your Shopify e-commerce store works much better with the inclusion of new and powerful business tools and apps that help you carry out day-to-day tasks with little to no effort. At Code XOXO, you can have as many apps for your Shopify store you want to make your online business grow productively.

Contact us for assistance on our help desk number <enter_phone_number>. We give you the best apps that you need for your Shopify store. Run your online store more efficiently and increase your sales. We develop apps that aids in growing your business.

We Create Brilliant Experiences For Your Shopify Store

Our developers at Code XOXO create apps for your Shopify e-commerce store that allow you to simplify your online business. This is as great and helpful as it gets.

Since, many Shopify store owners look for appealing designs and user-friendly functionality, our developers at Code XOXO take extreme care in providing you custom Shopify apps that are both appealing to your eyes as well as defined by functionality. Carry out operations and activities seamlessly.

You will find public and private apps at Code XOXO. This depends whether you are running a single store or multiple stores on the Shopify e-commerce platform.

Our developers at Code XOXO offer private apps for your Shopify store that:

  • Are ideal for merchants who run a single Shopify store
  • Interacts promptly with your Shopify application programming interface (API)
  • Allows your customers to make in-app purchases of products using the software development kit (API)
  • Requires HTTP connection authentication
  • Let you easily generate authentication credentials from your Shopify admin

Similarly, Code XOXO offers public apps which:

  • Are ideal for merchants having more than one Shopify stores
  • Require permission from each merchant who installs it on their e-commerce websites
  • Embeds app directly into your Shopify admin
  • Requires the same HTTP authentication as that of the private apps
  • Enhances your Shopify workflow
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