Easily integrate your favourite apps with Shopify e-commerce website and sell products to customers more effectively

Code XOXO provides custom third-party app integration services to merchants who own Shopify e-commerce stores. You can get in touch with our support experts to help you install various apps directly into your Shopify web store. All this, just through a simple phone call. Call <enter_phone_number> to avail assistance from our experts instantly.


See What Apps We Integrate Into Your Shopify E-commerce Store

We install and integrate a vast array of application programming interfaces (APIs) to your Shopify web store in less time. This allow you to broaden your scope and attract more customers who shop online. There are a significant number of third-party applications with the help of which you can increase sales.

How We Maintain Your Shopify Store’s Website

Your online business is crucial and every minute counts.

At Code XOXO, our support experts take complete pride in their expertise and help you fix things quickly and efficiently.

Our support and maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Amazon and Shopify Integration

    Connect your Shopify web store with one of the world’s popular and widely used Amazon API. Move orders seamlessly from Amazon to your e-commerce store with this app. Synchronise inventory and get informed whenever your Shopify store’s inventory needs to have products updated.

  • Ebay and Shopify Integration

    Integrate Ebay into your Shopify web store and start selling bulk products to customers. Easily choose products you want to upload and get rid of all the hassle. Track your inventory information and update your e-commerce store as and when needed.

  • Newegg and Shopify Integration

    Manage orders, accept order imports, create shipment labels and have the orders picked for delivery by your carrier service. Newegg app when integrated with your Shopify e-commerce website lets you keep a track of your inventory and update your web store and the Newegg app respectively.

  • Etsy and Shopify Integration

    Import and assign products to your online store’s standard collection. Etsy creates a great online presence and expands its platform by offering merchants the opportunity to sell products. Integrate the Etsy app with your Shopify web store or let our experts assist you in getting the app integrated quickly.

  • GroupOn and Shopify Integration

    Offer flash sales to groups of customers and allow discounts on products. GroupOn app lets you sell time-limited products in bulk. Also, import discount codes in bulk and export them.

  • Best Buy and Shopify Integration

    We facilitate the process of integrating the Best Buy app into your Shopify web store. It is a well-known and trusted e-commerce marketplace that offer you high-quality product listing services as well. The multi-channel marketing app help you achieve your business goals.

  • Walmart and Shopify Integration

    The Walmart e-commerce app offers great value and great service to your customers when purchasing product items from your Shopify store. Access fully assisted deployment services offered by our specialised experts in order to complete the process of set up and product synchronisation.

  • Jet and Shopify Integration

    Become a Jet seller with the Jet app that lets you create a long-term place in the e-commerce market. Increase the volume of your online customers with its diverse traffic and assured quality business that attracts more buyers every single day.

Code XOXO’s Dedicated Support For Your Shopify Web Store

See how our dedicated support experts can help you with your Shopify web store.

  • We help you with custom third-party app installation and integration
  • Our experts help you get familiar with the various operations and processes of third-party apps
  • We quickly guide you through the activation process of your selected app
  • We help you configure settings, set up critical product data and upload products
  • Our experts assist you in completing live orders efficiently
  • We offer quick upgrades with new updates and features
  • We provide extended support with regards to third-party app integration
  • We help you with our efficient and prompt product data catalogue management service
  • We help you maximise the objectives of your e-commerce business
  • We optimise apps for better SEO traffic
  • We render support and maintenance services 24/7

Got a question? Our experts are here to provide you the best solutions. Get in touch with our experts at Code XOXO today. You may reach us via phone or e-mail.

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