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Give your Joomla website better visibility and higher ranking with the search engine optimisation (SEO) services that is rendered by Code XOXO. We provide one of the best solutions to help you get all the essentials for your Joomla website right from a single place.

SEO is essentially a crucial need for any business to flourish in the online marketplace. No matter what business you run on the internet through your website, applying the right SEO methods will, of course, help you grow your business and achieve your objectives without much effort. It’s all you need to boost your Joomla website’s online presence in this vast digital network.


This is specially important because SEO is the best way to optimise your Joomla website. This allows many search engines to understand the search query better and give your website a higher place in the search result. We are here to help you achieve this effectively.

We implement effective methods that guarantee seamless and positive experience without burning your pockets. Our vast resources and professional tools can make your website get the right visibility when searched for on various search engine sites.

Why SEO Matters

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) matters a lot because it is through the SEO that your website gains optimal recognition on the internet. People can easily and quickly look up for your website on their computers, tablet and smartphone devices without any problems. Also, when someone looks up for your website on the internet, a link to your site will pop up that will guide the online visitors directly to your website.

  • Customise the front page of your site’s title tag
  • Front-end meta description customisation
  • HTML page title configuration

SEO is the method that is executed for the purpose of optimising your site to a point where it is understood clearly by major search engines on the internet, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Use the best SEO customisation extensions (or plug-ins) for your Joomla website or, call us to assist you. We support many Joomla SEO plug-ins, some of which include:

  • SEO Simple
  • RSSeo
  • ISEO
  • Jsite

These extensions contain extra options and functionalities that are built into them for SEO improvements.

Contact Our Joomla SEO Specialists

Our Joomla SEO specialists are here to give your website the perfect SEO optimisation and gain its online presence. We provide top quality services for your Joomla websites and everything that is related to it. Our support services can be availed any time and from anywhere. Just give us a call on our toll-free support centre number <enter_phone_number> and we will be right there for you.

You may seek support and assistance from our Joomla SEO specialists to help you get started and give your website an opportunity to be discovered on the vast network.

See how we help you get on top of Google search results:

  • Joomla SEO plug-ins

  • Boost website ranking with quality content

  • Get redirected to your website

  • Optimise web pages

  • Monitor keywords

  • Grow advertising revenue

  • Improve website loading time

  • Enable search friendly URLs

  • Manage metatags

  • Indirect links

  • SEO keyword statistics

  • Increase conversions

By having the best Joomla SEO extensions for your website, you will be able to enhance the authority of your website and thus, attract more number of visitors online.

Contact Code XOXO on the help desk phone number <enter_phone_number> for quick assistance with SEO optimisation for your Joomla website. We are available 24/7 to provide on demand services and instant solutions.

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