Importance of Securing Your Joomla Website

How concerned are you about your Joomla website and its security? Owning a website, whether it is for your personal use or for the purpose of running a business, can become vulnerable to online threats and attacks, if proper care is not taken.

There are various reasons which could pose a threat to your website on the internet and allow hackers to gain advantage and ultimately, take control of your website and execute malicious practices.


These days, internet security is becoming a very big challenge as many individuals as well as business sectors often require the need for protection against hackers, malware and all sorts of digital threats that together come in the category of what is called today, the cyber crime. If your website does not contain the required security features, your website can thus, be easily compromised and may even result in data theft and data corruption. This may pose a bad sign if you own an online business.

Joomla is one of the most popular content management system (CMS) next to WordPress, which lets you create dynamic and responsive websites with a simple drag and drop technology.

Thus, like any CMS, Joomla may also be subject to all sorts of online attacks. That is why it is important to take every possible security measure to protect your Joomla site and keep it safe.

Get The Right Solutions To Safeguard Your Joomla Website

Protect your Joomla website with these effective security measures and stay safe on the internet.

Choose a better web hosting provider

Look for a web hosting service provider that uses the latest security standards in order to keep your website safe on the internet. Most hosting providers follow the practice of offering better connection encryption to website owners and protecting their sites from being compromised by unknown attackers.

Protect your Joomla administrator profile

You can improve the security of your Joomla website by restricting access to your site’s administrator profile. Since, the administrator profile allows users to take full control of the website, this could pose a security risk if you allow unwanted access to others. Therefore, it is important that you ensure only you have access to your site’s administrator profile and nobody else.

Use strong login credentials

One of the important security measures to keep your Joomla website safe from online attacks and identity theft is through using strong credentials. Using a unique user name and a password that is a combination of letters, numbers, special characters and upper and lower cases can prevent your site from being hijacked by attackers or hackers. Avoid using names which can be easily guessed by a person.

Use strict ownership and file permissions

Another important way of keeping your Joomla website safe is by setting up the right permission and ownership for your site’s files and folders. This is to ensure that all the contents of your site which are stored in various files and folders does not get compromised and stolen by unwanted persons on the internet.

Keep Joomla up to date

There are updates which are made available for your Joomla CMS from time to time. Thus, it is important that you update your Joomla with the latest version. New updates provide enhanced security features and patches that help in keeping your site safe and protected from unknown vulnerabilities on a daily basis.

Update extensions and third-party apps

Updating your Joomla extensions and third-party apps that you use on your website is also crucial. This is because using an outdated extension or app can create a risk which may also render the extension or app either partly or totally non-functional. If you are using an important extension on your Joomla site, it is required that you use the latest version, which gets released from the manufacturer.

Backup Joomla site and data regularly

It is important that you backup your Joomla site and all its critical data on the cloud and on an offline hard drive. Regular backups can prevent you from losing data and data corruption. There are plenty of cloud storage services available that offer larger volumes of storage on the cloud server. You can select the one that you find suitable and keep a backup of your site on the cloud securely.

Perform website optimisation and maintenance

If your Joomla website is well-maintained and optimised, there are less chances of your website getting compromised on the internet. There are many useful tools that are available to help you keep your website’s performance at peak level. Fine tune your website and remove unwanted pieces of code which may not be important. This will improve the functioning of your site and your visitors will also have a positive experience when accessing and viewing your site on their web browser applications using their favourite devices.

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