Joomla! is world’s second-most popular and widely used Content Management System (CMS) that lets you build beautiful websites, modules (or extensions/plug-ins) and online applications.

Thus, in order to make your experience a better one, we develop fully compatible and robust modules for your Joomla! websites. Each module varies in terms of its purpose and functionality. For instance, if you own a Joomla! website and want to add something new, say, a link that allows your visitors to download multi-media files such as images, audio, video etc., you can easily integrate a download module into your website.


Also, since, many online stores sell products to their customers thus, adding an online shopping cart module can greatly help your customers in products check-out. There are, in fact, innumerable modules built for your Joomla! website that can help make your tasks a lot easier.

There are thus, plenty of modules which you can add to your Joomla! website for better page rendering and enhance your site’s usefulness substantially.

Get Pre-built and Custom-built Modules at Code XOXO

Modules or extensions are very useful for your websites. These varied extensions or plug-ins allow your websites to have added features and which can be maintained from a centralised system, such as your website’s administrator dashboard.

We provide a wide range of pre-built as well as custom-built modules or extensions for your Joomla! websites to boost your online activities and services.

Below is a list of various categories of modules which we develop for our clients at Code XOXO:

  • Website Design and Styling Module

  • Photo Gallery Module

  • Social Network Module

  • News and Articles Module

  • Website Management Module

  • Contacts Module

  • E-commerce Module

  • Website Navigation Module

  • Site Map Module

  • Advertisements and Affiliates Module

  • Website Enhancement Module

  • Site Portfolio Module

  • Online Communications Module

  • Maps Module

  • Games Module

  • Website Security Module

We also develop custom modules for your Joomla! websites as and when required by you. All modules that are developed at Code XOXO are completely supported in the latest version of Joomla! (Joomla! version 3.8).

You may approach our certified and skilled developers any time to help you get the required modules for your Joomla! websites.

You may also request for a custom module that you want to have developed for your website, if you are in the e-commerce market and fulfil the purpose of your online business operations.

Joomla! Module Development Services

Our expertise in the custom Joomla! module development makes us the chosen ones worldwide. We have successfully built and installed thousands of modules or extensions for our clients.

Our Joomla! module development services include:

  • Developing a module from scratch

  • Developing custom lightweight modules

  • Registering module in the database

  • Setting parameters

  • Fetching data

  • Centralising data access and output

  • Selecting display options using layouts

  • Adding advanced features

  • Displaying latest reviews

  • Displaying random reviews

  • Installing module into different locations

  • Compatible with latest version

  • Fixing Jquery and CSS issues

  • Fixing PHP errors

  • Upgrading module to the latest version

  • Maintenance of modules

Benefits You Get At Code XOXO

See below for a list of services that are offered by our dedicated and responsive team of professionals at Code XOXO for Joomla! website owners.

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • All modules are built on Joomla! Framework
  • Lightweight coding for all Joomla! modules
  • User-friendly module interface
  • Regular updates for custom modules
  • 100% Safe online transaction
  • Joomla! module development experts
  • Friendly support services
  • Client satisfaction guaranteed
  • Maintenance and optimisation
  • 24/7 live support services

Contact our Joomla module development experts at Code XOXO and avail the benefits mentioned above.

Want to speak with our Joomla! module development experts? Call us on our toll free help desk number <enter_phone_number> today. We build quality modules and also assist you in keeping them optimised for a much improved functionality.

Get in touch with us today to build modules that are rich in quality as well as functionality and offers a complete set of features as required by each Joomla! module or extension. Code XOXO has everything you need to take your Joomla! website a step further towards productivity.

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