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Installing Joomla! on your PC, Mac or Linux for the first time? Let us help you get started quickly.

Joomla! is an open source platform which gives you the opportunity to create amazing websites on the go. That’s right! It is also the most popular and powerful CMS next to WordPress. So, whether you have used WordPress before and are migrating to Joomla! or, you are trying out Joomla! CMS for the first time without migrating from previous CMS or having prior experience, we are here to assist you.


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What You Need Before Getting Started

The Joomla! CMS is a software package that requires to be downloaded and installed on the target computer – PC or Mac. It also gives you the ability to access and manage your Joomla! website right from your smartphone and tablet devices. It’s pretty amazing, yeah?

There are, however, certain requirements before you can get started with your Joomla! website and going online. Downloading the Joomla! CMS on your computer or workstation is the first thing. If you are new to using CMS or are fairly sound with technical experience, do not worry. We can help you get on with it quickly and easily.

We will guide you through the steps without you having the need of going any where. In other words, you can have your Joomla! website developed and set up within minutes, right from where you are.

System Requirements for Installing Joomla! CMS

In order to download and install the Joomla! CMS on your computer system or any supported device, there are certain requirements that needs to be fulfilled. This is similar to any software application which you install locally on your computer and to make it work properly.

Thus, in the same way, Joomla! requires a couple of software elements that will aim at making the CMS work faster and without causing any problems.

Here are the main requirements that will help you get started with the Joomla! CMS installation quickly and without creating any errors:

Operating System: Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS

Software: PHP

Database: MySQL/SQL Server/PostgreSQL

Web Server: Apache/Nginx/Microsoft IIS

A Few Additional But Important Requirements You Should Consider

Apart from fulfilling the basic requirements for the Joomla! CMS installation on your computer system, there are, however, a few other requisites that needs equal importance, especially when having your website live on the internet.

Take into considerations these additional requisites that will give you a far better experience than ever:

Joomla! Configuration

Joomla! website configuration will allow you to set up your website with all the necessary features and functionalities in an organised manner and to make it work very efficiently.

Joomla! Hosting

Joomla! hosting is a service that will allow your website to obtain a domain, which is an address that will allow your website to be recognised on the internet and be viewed and accessed by your online visitors as well.

Joomla! SEO

Joomla! SEO is what your website will need to gain online presence on the internet and on various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This search engine optimisation is carried out by our experts at Code XOXO to allow your website to rank higher and gain more traffic on the internet.

Joomla! Extensions

Joomla! extensions, also called plug-ins or modules, will allow you to add extra features and functionalities to your website. The extensions can be downloaded and installed easily and can be selected based on your requirements or business purpose.

Joomla! Customisation

You get the freedom to customise the look and feel of your Joomla! website just the way you like. The Joomla! CMS control panel provides lots of customisation settings which you can explore and apply to make your website look more unique and appealing.

Joomla! Apps Integration

You can add or integrate custom built and third-party applications to your Joomla! website that suit your needs. Thus, if you own an online store, you can add a shopping cart app to allow your customers to check-out products during purchase.

Joomla! Backup

Maintain a regular backup of your Joomla! website, so that you can have it restored any time when things go wrong or an accident occurs which you might not be aware about. Backups can be stored both locally as well as on the cloud and will let you restore your website any time and from any where.

Joomla! Migration

Joomla! migration service will let you move to and fro from other popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Magento, etc., easily. Your website, its database and all contents, including multi-media files will be migrated with a few simple steps.

Joomla! Optimisation

Joomla! optimisation is the key to speeding up your website at all times. Have your Joomla! website launched quickly from any web browser application such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. There is no waiting time and everything is just fast!

Joomla! Maintenance

Another important factor to keep your Joomla! website functioning properly always is through regular maintenance. The Joomla! CMS management panel lets you take control of your website. Maintaining your website and all its elements is very important. This will also help in getting the best out of your website.

Joomla! Updates and Upgrades

Joomla! updates, as the name suggests, will keep your website up to date with all the latest security, functions and features that you need to run your website on the internet and avoid any security loopholes, which could make it vulnerable to online attacks or hacks.

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