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Own a business? Extend your e-commerce experience with our Joomla development solutions at Code XOXO. With the Joomla web development platform, you can bring out the best opportunities that will help you fulfil your objectives.

The powerful open source Joomla Content Management System (CMS) lets you create impressive web sites and online applications for your business in the e-commerce market.


Code XOXO renders an array of services and solutions to both small businesses as well as large organisations. We build impressive web sites and online applications via the Joomla CMS development platform that aides in increasing your online presence and thus, growing your business.

We have a team of specialised developers and support experts who have many years of expertise and assist you round the clock. We comply with the industry standards in order to provide you the best solutions.

Industries We Cater

We provide Joomla CMS solutions to various industries and online businesses all over the world. Some of these industries include:

  • Retail

  • Apparel

  • Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Real Estate

  • Social Network

  • Publishing

  • Coaching

  • Consultancy

No matter which industry or online business you already own or have just started, with our Joomla CMS solutions you will get the right e-commerce platform. You can connect with our support experts at Code XOXO any time to help you get started quickly.

Services We Render

Code XOXO offers a wide range of services to small businesses and large organisations in the field of Joomla CMS development. From development to maintenance and support, we help you stay up to date and free from any trouble. You can carry out your e-commerce operations smoothly.

These are some of the essential services that we provide:

Joomla Web Site Development

We create beautiful web sites with user-friendly interface that allow easy and quick navigation through web pages. Our specialisation in web development ensures that all your business needs are effectively met.

Joomla Online Applications Development

We build feature-rich online applications that will enhance your online presence altogether. For instance, the shopping cart application for your online shopping store can help customers checkout products and make payments quickly.

Joomla Custom Development

We build custom web sites that suit your taste and business requirements in an efficient manner. You can easily personalise your web site and use various custom colours, text fonts, tables, image place-holders, banners, navigation buttons, style links and much more.

Joomla Module Development

We build custom modules or plug-ins for your Joomla web sites that are easy and quick to install and use. They are also user-friendly and extensible. You can bring additional functionality to your web site with the help of modules.

Joomla Extension Development

We develop Joomla extensions that extend the functionality of your e-commerce web sites. Through extensions, your customers will be able to checkout products and allow for an easier card processing when making payment online.

Database Synchronisation

Edit your web site database and make your data available whenever you want. We help you keep all your data and other information in sync both online and offline. This will allow you to manage your data smoothly and quickly on your devices.

Backup and Recovery

We help you backup your web site and all of its data securely on the cloud. Using backup will prevent you from uncertainties and/or unwanted loss of data. You can access your data any time and from any where, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Joomla E-commerce Solutions

We render development and support solution services to small businesses and large organisations. Boost your sales, increase the return on investment (ROI) and minimise your operation cost with the powerful Joomla CMS solutions at Code XOXO.

Features and Benefits of Joomla CMS Solutions

We help you turn your dreams into reality our technology-driven solutions that are effective as well as efficient. Share your ideas with us and let our developers create exactly what you want. We will help you build fully-functional web sites for your online business.

Apart from building web sites and custom online applications with the Joomla CMS platform, you also get added benefits and a multitude of features.

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • Manage your Joomla web site

  • Web site customisation

  • Free and premium extensions

  • Custom applications development

  • Mobile development

  • Improved URL router

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Faster and cleaner code base

  • Encryption support

  • Upgrading offers additional features

  • Migrating to Joomla 4

Grow your online business with the availability of productive features and extended support at Code XOXO.

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose us for all your e-commerce needs. Below are few of the major reasons that make us the chosen one amongst individuals, small businesses as well as large organisations that operate in the online market:

  • Custom Joomla development solutions
  • Certified support experts
  • Dedicated team of web developers
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Comply with industry standards
  • Use advanced technology
  • Cater small and large-scale industries
  • 24/7 customer support and technical assistance services
  • Affordable packages

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