Extend the functionality of your Drupal website with our vast range of pre-built and custom extensions. At Codexoxo, we are specialised in Drupal extension development for various businesses that operate both on small and medium scale.

Getting an extension for your Drupal website greatly helps in fulfilling the purpose of your business, while also creating new opportunities to increase productivity.

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Following is a list of the types of extensions that we develop for your business. These extensions can be easily installed and integrated into your website. Use these extensions straight out of the box and grow your business.

  • CRM/ERP Integration
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Check-out
  • Marketing
  • Payment
  • Order Management
  • Price and Discount
  • Localisation
  • Internationalisation
  • Product Customisation
  • Translation
  • Search and Filter
  • Migration Tools
  • Live Chat
  • Multi-channel
  • Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Recommendations
  • Utility and Tools

Choose from hundreds of unique extensions or contact our developers today to get custom extensions that you require for your business. If you own an e-commerce store and sell products to customers, installing products check-out and shopping cart extensions can help you allow your customers to purchase the desired products and instantly make payments online.

You don’t have to deal with complicated settings and configuration as the extensions are pre-configured. Simply download and install the extensions you require, it’s that easy!


Our Drupal extension development services focuses on creating modules that offer both improvement and security when installed on websites in the Drupal CMS platform. We build Drupal extensions that are not only simple in form, but are interactive in approach as well.

Developing extensions to allow them to work without any errors and/or issues is what we carefully focus on. Also, each extension that is developed by the developers at Codexoxo provide compatibility with older, current and new versions of Drupal CMS. This is to ensure that your website is able to recognise the extensions and are easily integrated to provide the required functionality as and when needed by your business when executing specific operations.

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Some of the popular extensions you can install on your Drupal website are:

  • Display Suite

    This extension allows laying out pages on your Drupal website with just a few simple clicks. You can quickly apply custom layout settings to your website either in part or as a whole. It also lets you change the position of elements of individual context nodes easily.

  • Workbench

    This extension lets you add, edit and remove contents easily that are based on business and organisation roles. You can install this extension in your Drupal website and enable to start using it immediately. It is a useful extension to manage content.

  • Backup and Migrate

    This extension is very useful if you ever need to backup your entire Drupal website to avoid risks and loss of data. It is a must-have extension that can save your business and its critical information. The extension allows you to run backup immediately, or schedule backup.

  • Views

    This extension acts as a smart query builder that is capable of displaying any type of list, which includes form posts, tables of content, etc. It lets you sort or filter the content of an individual list and create a new content node.

  • Menu Block

    This extension lets you make changes to a much deeper level of menu configuration with your Drupal CMS. Here, you can configure settings like the visibility and depth of the menu at certain levels according to your needs.

  • Custom Contextual Links

    This extension brings up the context menu on your Drupal website when triggered. A menu command gets displayed on the context menu as a shortcut. It also allow you to build your own menu commands that you want to be displayed on your site.

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