About Cannot Find Symbol Error In Java

At certain times, it may happen that one or more errors occur when compiling and/or executing a piece of Java code having some class, function, method, element, attribute, operator, identifier, variable, keyword, etc., missing or placed incorrectly.


A similar situation is that of the “cannot find symbol” error in Java. If you have encountered this type of error in Java previously, you will know what it is. As for users who are currently experiencing the “cannot find symbol” Java error on their desktop or laptop, you can find more information about the error in this article.

Basically, the “cannot find symbol” error in Java is a compilation error. This means that either there is a problem in the Java source code which the user is writing, or there could be a problem with the way the user is compiling the Java source code on his/her computer system.

How It Is Caused

The “cannot find symbol” error in Java is caused especially if a compiler fails to recognise a class name, or any other identifier for that matter. When you compile a Java code, the compiler needs to understand and work accordingly. However, if the compiler is not able to fetch the required identifier from the Java code, you end up getting the error displayed on your computer screen.

The error message which gets displays in such a case is given as follows:

cannot find symbol

The error message states that the compiler does not have enough information to piece together what the Java code is trying to execute.

Thus, the symbol here represents an identifier having a certain class, variable, etc.

It should also be noted that Java is a case-sensitive programming language, where the use of characters are coded in their proper syntax and contains both upper case an lower case letters for writing code in your program(s).

However, there could be a few reasons that causes the “cannot find symbol” error in Java, such as:

  • When a programmer incorrectly spells or places the name of the particular class in the code.

  • When a programmer does not or fails to import the particular class name.

  • When using a variable without actually declaring it.

  • The parameters used does not match.

  • The parameters used does not match.

  • The package class has not been referenced correctly using an import declaration.

Thus, if you have made the same mistake when writing a Java code on your computer system, then you will get the same error when compiling.

Solutions To Fix Cannot Find Symbol Error In Java

Since, the error is related with a typo, therefore, the primary solution to fix the “cannot find symbol” error in Java is to simply check and rectify the code.

If you have written a Java code and have made some minor spelling mistake, or you probably must have forgotten to place the identifier at the proper place in the code, then it is advised that you refer to the code and also the correct syntax. This will help you easily fix the “cannot find symbol” error in Java.

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